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Corporate Digital Signage That Drives Results and Makes an Impact

Few technologies impact a business the way a strategic corporate digital signage solution can.

Corporate Digital Signage That Drives Results and Makes an Impact

Digital Signage for Corporate Environments

Whether placed in the lobby, in a conference room, or down the hallway, the positive impacts of a dynamic digital display can be felt throughout the organization by all who enter the space.

For more than a decade, our team at Coffman Media has led clients to success with the best corporate digital signage solutions in the automotive, grocery, restaurant, cannabis, healthcare, retail, corporate, education, and public venues industries. With offices headquartered in Florida and Ohio, see how our nationwide services can positively impact your business wherever you are.

Digital Signage Uses for

Interactive Digital Signage Uses

  • IPTV Streaming for Corporate Wide Messages or Live TV Channels
  • Curated Social Media Walls Featuring Customer User Generated Content
  • Gamification With Real-Time Business KPIs and Other Data Metrics
  • Employee Recognition and Announcements to Engage Your Teams
  • Real-Time Company Communication for Unified Information and Up-to-Date Displays
  • Segmented Communication Based on Hourly Shifts or Regional Locations
Versatile Engagement Across Industries
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Digital display screens offer enhanced engagement and easy-to-use creative control over your communication. With innovative technology and a robust library of assets, widgets, and templated options, your digital display works for you to meet your organization's communication goals.

With no prior knowledge or experience required to operate, digital display solutions bring a warm and life onto your walls with dynamic signage that catches eyes and retains attention far longer than static posters or banners. With live updates and real-time refresh rates, gone is the wasted time and expense of standard, outdated printed materials.

Digital solutions for corporate spaces have seen increasing rates of success across a variety of industries and are setting a new standard for informational displays.

Customizable Solutions for Your Business
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Your digital display board is a limitless trove of creative possibilities for your business. Our clients have found solutions such as engaging wayfinders and campus maps, directories and event calendars, announcements and promotional information, menu boards or service offerings, and more.

Enhance your display with widgets and applications to display items such as new tickers, live weather updates, or entertainment features. With ad network space, you can turn your display into a scalable piece of profit by featuring sponsored space or promotional pieces.

The sky is the limit when it comes to digital displays. We offer single-screen solutions for smaller spaces or multi-screen video walls and collages to fill a space and demand attention from your teams, clients, or consumers. Create aesthetic displays with multiple devices or craft an entire video wall for a fully immersive and interactive visual.

At Coffman Media, we offer solutions from top industry leaders such as SignageLive and Spectrio Engage. Serving our clients with a personalized touch, we offer customizable options designed around your needs and financial goals to optimize a digital communication display suited to your business. Whatever your goals, at Coffman Media, we can find the perfect solution for you!

Our Recent Work

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Our Process

When you partner with Coffman Media, we handle everything from your video wall system design and site surveys to installation and support. With over 60 years combined experience, you can relax, secure in the knowledge that we will design and implement your digital signage project sucessfully.

Get In Touch for a Discovery Call

Give us a call or reach out to us via our contact form, and our team will get in touch with you for a discovery call or demo. This initial call helps us learn about your vision or goals for your new digital signage and answer any questions you might have.

Technology Design

After our discovery call, our team will start designing a custom digital signage program that incorporates your existing branding, addresses your vision from your initial call and outlines all the equipment needed to reach your goals - so there are no surprises when it comes to installation.

Site Survey

Our team will come out to the site, take measurements and review the technology, power, and data needed to create a successful display. This may include calling in contractors to create the space or environment needed within your building, even pouring concrete to support any infrastructure. If necessary, we will also secure any required sign permits from the local government.

Installation & Program Rollout

Once we have completed the technology design and the site survey, we will schedule your installation. After the digital signage and software infrastructure is in place, we conduct rigorous system testing and schedule training for your staff. Then all that's left is to introduce your customers to your stunning new digital signage!

We Offer Full Support, Training and Management Packages

When we say we cover everything, we really mean it! When you partner with Coffman Media, you not only get professional digital signage design and installation, you also have access to comprehensive support, training, and technology life cycle management.

Using Coffman Media Support Services
Training & Support

Extensive Training and Product Support

Got a question about how to upload a photo to your software or you just dont have the time to teach your new employee how to update your signage systems? Our team offers thorough support & training packages that help you or your staff learn more about your digital signage program and the technology we used in your rollout. This program also teaches you how you can use digital signage hardware, software, and custom design to motivate and engage your audience. This training can benefit both new and existing clients. Get a free demo now!

Using Coffman Media Training Service
Tech Management

Tech Life Cycle Management

That warranty runs out in a month…That TV technology won't be supported after next year… That software needs an update. Sound annoyingly familiar? Put an end to having to constantly worry about updating your tech, and take the pressure off your team with our tech life management cycle program. This program is not only a huge time saver, it helps bridge the gap between current technologies and any future plans for new equipment since Coffman Media will manage all your technology and warranty lifecycles.

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Digital Signage Use Cases

Other Digital Signage Use Cases That We Support

Check out some of the many ways Digital Signage can solve a variety of business problems.

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