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Drive Results and Enhance Engagement Easily With Dynamic Digital Display Solutions

Committed to providing the finest digital signage solutions, Spectrio Engage offers robust and interactive software elements that are easy to use and fully customizable bringing leading innovation at an affordable rate.

What is Spectrio Engage?

Using the software requires no prior knowledge or experience. It offers an easy-to-use interface for creating and managing content. Spectrio Engage delivers immediate content and produces real results without the extra costs and delay of printing or shipping. Take control of your display signage and enhance your business space with Spectrio Engage.

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Benefits of Spectrio Engage

The Spectrio Engage Advantage

With Spectrio Engage, managing your digital signage has never been easier. Leading the industry in digital signage solutions, Spectrio Engage's enhanced proprietary cloud-based software offers a clear and simple user interface. This allows you to create and control your content from any Wifi-enabled device at any time.

Fully Customizable
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Creating dynamic content for your Spectrio Engage display requires no graphic design experience. Edit from anywhere at any time with live updates and immediate delivery.

Configuring your display content to meet your business's needs is easy to use. Assets can be uploaded from an external device via HDMI or created directly with Spectrio Engage's cutting-edge software.

It is simple to learn, user-friendly, and compatible with iOS and Android devices. The Spectrio Engage user interface is easy to learn and use with:

  • Ready-to-use layout templates
  • Graphics
  • Interactive widgets
  • Advanced tools to fully customize your content
  • Multiple feeds
  • Toggle layouts for different times or days or venues

Maximize the potential of your digital display with all these and more.

Easy Management and Accessibility
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With Spectrio Engage, you're in control with full access to manage your communication and display screens at all times. Anything you need at any time is just one tap away.

Offering a robust library of engaging templates and elements, the possibilities are endless. See what Spectrio Engage's creative and interactive solutions can do for your business and enhance your workplace.

Robust Knowledge Base
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Spectrio Engage software gives you access to a vast online knowledge base. This includes a library of extensive step-by-step guides to help develop your digital assets. Find clarity and understanding in these easy-to-use tools and resources to get the most out of your digital communications.

Library of Interactive Templates
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Spectrio Engage offers a wide variety of applications within its systems to utilize with your display that are ready for immediate use.

Find solutions for your business's digital display screens with elements such as:

  • Menus, product lists, and service offerings
  • Wayfinders and campus maps
  • Corporate communication
  • Digital posters
  • Ad screen networks
  • Product demonstrations
  • Room signage and information
  • IPTV and live television
  • Interactive touch screens
  • Bring your own device with touchless displays
  • And much more!

With Spectrio Engage, the sky is the limit.

Immediate Delivery of Real-Time Content
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Video walls and displays are more accessible and robust than ever before. Digital solutions are affordable and simple to set up, and ready to begin using right away.

Digital media eliminates printing and shipping costs traditional static posters and banners require. Your content is accessible for edits and updates instantly with no time wasted.

Digital displays are the perfect solution for quick updates and dynamic information. Find full control with:

  • Menus
  • Calendars
  • Directories
  • Announcements
  • And more!

Your display results update in real-time saving you time and money in the long run. You have the ability to control and monitor your network 24/7.

Never again worry about that missed editorial error or changing information and updates! With Spectrio Engage make all content updates and edits with ease. Any new content can be refreshed and rolled out immediately.

Higher Retention and Engagement
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Studies show digital signage to be 10x more eye-catching than static displays. Digital displays produce higher rates of retention and engagement. Businesses using Spectrio Engage have seen an increase of as much as 35% in revenue and transactions among teams, clients, and consumers.

Enhance your business space and better represent your brand. Displays engage with teams, clients, and consumers everyone else! There's never been a better way to communicate your message and reach your audiences.

Well Suited for Any Industry and Versatile Use
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Spectrio Engage solutions work for a range of verticles with success in industries:

  • Automotive shops
  • Grocery outlets
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Cannabis shops
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Retail Partners
  • Corporate locations
  • Educational sectors
  • Public use venues
  • And more!

Whether engaging with associates or enhancing the experience of clientele, Spectrio Engage solutions are versatile to produce results and meet the needs of your business! 

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Valerie DeWitt

Google Reviews

"Coffman Media has a truly talented and dedicated asset in Bill Strickland. His accessibility, positive attitude - combined with out-of-the-box and innovative ideas - makes him the perfect person to represent Coffman and provide support to clients. Coffman is a professional and knowledgeable team, and they have developed
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Valerie DeWitt

Google Reviews

"Coffman Media has a truly talented and dedicated asset in Bill Strickland. His accessibility, positive attitude - combined with out-of-the-box and innovative ideas - makes him the perfect person to represent Coffman and provide support to clients. Coffman is a professional and knowledgeable team, and they have developed
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Sarah Nenoff

Sarah Nenoff

Thanks again. And by the way, y’all are amazing and thank you so much for all the help through this process. We are completely rebranding and it feels like everything that has gone wrong has…except for with your company so thank you very much!
Robert McClellan

Robert McClellan

Google Reviews

"Chad R. and Jason A. are a great team of professionals that worked with me to get my unique menu board solution running. Customers love the digital menu and I love the ease of being able to update information on the menu board at any given time. Cudos to Coffman Media and SignageLive!!!"
John Miller

John Miller

Google Reviews

"We have been working with Coffman Media for a few years now and could not be happier. The attention to detail is great and they go overboard to resolve any issues that come up."
Valerie DeWitt

Valerie DeWitt

Google Reviews

"Coffman Media has a truly talented and dedicated asset in Bill Strickland. His accessibility, positive attitude - combined with out-of-the-box and innovative ideas - makes him the perfect person to represent Coffman and provide support to clients. Coffman is a professional and knowledgeable team, and they have developed best practices for digital signage, making my job managing our company's branch TV's easier and more efficient. It has been a pleasure working with Bill over the past 9 months and I would personally recommend him and Coffman Media to fulfill your digital signage needs."
Kyle Rayburn

Kyle Rayburn

Google Reviews

"I've been working with Jason and his team at Coffman Media for a little over a year, and I can say with absolute certainty, that they're able to handle any and all digital media & signage issues, I throw at them. Sometimes I feel I'm pestering them with small content requests, but they handle and process those requests quickly and professionally. I couldn't keep up with the constant changing of our online presence that my company is required to meet, if it wasn't for them. Having Coffman Media in my corner also gives me and my company a sense of confidence in our online content, design, and trouble shooting needs. It's great to work with a local business like Coffman Media."
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The Coffman Media Difference

Trusted Service with Coffman Media

Whether it be to inform, educate, engage, or entertain, your company has a message to share. At Coffman Media, our mission is to help you communicate that message in the most impactful way.

Together, we'll address the challenge of communicating your message in a world that sometimes moves faster than we can keep up with! With our digital signage solutions, you stay in control with immediate results.

Together, our collective has more than 30 years of combined experience. Our executive team is well-versed in the industry and offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. We specialize in the healthcare, education, culinary, retail, and corporate markets with clients across the nation.

We Offer Full Support, Training and Management Packages

When we say we cover everything, we really mean it! When you partner with Coffman Media, you not only get professional digital signage design and installation, you also have access to comprehensive support, training, and technology life cycle management.

Using Coffman Media Support Services
Training & Support

Extensive Training and Product Support

Got a question about how to upload a photo to your software or you just dont have the time to teach your new employee how to update your signage systems? Our team offers thorough support & training packages that help you or your staff learn more about your digital signage program and the technology we used in your rollout. This program also teaches you how you can use digital signage hardware, software, and custom design to motivate and engage your audience. This training can benefit both new and existing clients. Get a free demo now!

Using Coffman Media Training Service
Tech Management

Tech Life Cycle Management

That warranty runs out in a month…That TV technology won't be supported after next year… That software needs an update. Sound annoyingly familiar? Put an end to having to constantly worry about updating your tech, and take the pressure off your team with our tech life management cycle program. This program is not only a huge time saver, it helps bridge the gap between current technologies and any future plans for new equipment since Coffman Media will manage all your technology and warranty lifecycles.

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