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The Positive Impact of Digital Signage in A Post-Pandemic World

October 24, 2022
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Industry Insights

As the world slowly reopens, it is doing so with many different regulations and requirements in place to keep everyone safe and healthy.  

Maximum capacity within retail stores is being limited, updates are continually trickling in from our national and local leaders, companies are being run remotely but will soon be returning to the office, and health care environments are changing as well.  

Good news is, digital signage can have a positive impact on your environment, on your audience, and on your business moving forward.  Using dynamic messaging puts the most important information that you want to provide your clients, customers, employees, staff, etc. out there in the forefront.  

Here are some of the ways you can use digital signage to create a positive impact.

Safety Messaging

From emergency notifications such as weather or safety issues, to health updates surrounding COVID-19, digital signage can provide this messaging now in real-time.

Woman wearing a mask

There are multiple RSS feeds that provide the latest updates from the CDC and WHO that can be used on your signage, and a few of these are being offered for free for a limited time.  

Safety protocols such as mask requirements, occupancy limits, and general welfare updates can be provided through digital signage.  

There is even a unique digital display called SpeedFace+ that can recognize mask wearing, has facial and palm recognition, and can even measure body temperature with a touch less system.  

Real Time Updates

As mentioned above with safety messaging coming in real time, so can any other message you need to convey.  From inventory control, wait times, menu changes, safety messages, and key performance indicators (KPIs), knowing you can make real time updates creates a positive impact to your audience.

Warehouse full of packaged products

Some examples include:

A retailer could connect their inventory supplies with their digital signage system allowing customers to know what items have sold out, or what items have been restocked.

Menu Boards can be updated in real time for pricing changes, seasonal offerings, specials, and inventory as well.  

Key Performance Indicators such as sales numbers or calls made each hour or each day can be important to businesses that track these numbers for productivity.  


Large organizations such as health care facilities, corporate offices, stadiums, convention centers, etc. are easy to get lost in, even with picture directories.  Digital signage can help ease stress and anxiety of finding where you need to be.  

Some systems can show you the correct path to take from where you are to where you need to go.  Some systems can link with beacon technology or an app on your phone to put the directions in your hands.  

Conference rooms and meeting rooms can be reserved through a digital signage system and then help you find where they are.  

Positive Company Culture

Using digital signage can positively impact company culture.  Posting company wins or even personal wins, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. can make employees feel special and a part of the team.  

Company working together

You can highlight, with videos or pictures, volunteer work done or charity organizations that the company donates to.  Digital signage helps with showing that your company does things for the greater good.  

Digital signage also helps increase brand awareness which also positively impacts company culture.  From logo designs, company colors, mottos, mission statements, all can be used consistently in your messaging.  

Social media can also positively impact company culture and can be tied into your digital signage system.  From hashtag campaigns to social feeds, to trending ideas, product launches, and influence marketing, social interaction is how the world communicates.  Why not highlight it within your signage.

Broadcast Channel License

While some employees are still working from home, and schools are still not open, a great way to communicate with your audience is through Signagelive Software.  Coffman Media, in combination with Signagelive, has found a way to fill the gap of not being together in person but still getting your message to your audience.

The broadcast channel license from Signagelive is a single URL that can deliver information from one to many endpoints by simply plugging it into your browser. You can access it when you want, as often as you want, from anywhere you want.

Digital signage is a great communication tool, and can make a positive impact on your organization.  To find out how to make digital signage work for you, contact for a free consultation.

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