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Free Media Player With Signagelive License?

January 24, 2023
2 minute read
Industry Insights

Like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, and salt and pepper, we have found the next best least in the digital signage industry.  

Signagelive's enterprise class digital signage software, service and support bundled with the Amazon Fire Stick to create a cost effective and reliable solution.  

The best part, you get an Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire Stick 4K for FREE with the purchase of your Signagelive license.  

Why Signagelive?

Signagelive's cloud-based solution has an exceptionally user friendly interface.  They support full screen and multi-zone layouts.  Content can be designed, implemented, scheduled, and managed easily.  Use images, videos, HTML5 web pages, and RSS/MRSS feeds.  Even include real time updates as needed.

In combination with the Amazon Fire Stick you receive 100% support for scheduling including recurrence, validity, and tag based publishing.  Widget support including over 500 editable templates, clocks, weather, and room booking templates.  Web trigger support for event driven content playback, offline playback, and optional proof of play and proactive monitoring modules.  

This solution is ideal for a small network of devices, as well as those desiring to test Signagelive, and provides a simple, yet scalable option.  You get the opportunity to receive a FREE media player that allows you test the capabilities of Signagelive and how it can benefit you and your company.  It is available to new and existing Signagelive customers.

Signagelive also works with Amazon TV displays as well, however the free media player is the Fire Stick or Fire Stick 4K.  

If you want to learn more, or are ready to receive your FREE Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon Fire Stick 4K, contact  Coffman Media is an experienced integrator providing custom tailored solutions that get your message to your audience.  Our valued partnership with Signagelive gives Coffman Media an edge to provide you with the Fire Stick bundle and a white glove service above the rest.  

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