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Considering An Upgrade To Direct View LED Displays?

January 24, 2023
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Industry Insights

Over the years, technology has evolved, cost has come down, and standing out has become a priority.  A digital signage solution can assist you with capitalizing on these things and can do so in a bold way.

If you haven't taken a look at Direct View LED Displays for awhile, or haven't taken a look at them at all, now is the time.  

What is Direct View LED?

LED Displays are electronic screens that are made up of light emitting diodes (hence the name LED) all placed together on modules (panels) to create your image, video or text as a whole.  

This is much like how pixels work on your computer screen.  Each "pixel" or tiny lightbulb produces a particular color from it's cluster of red, green and blue bulbs on the panel, which creates the image needed to be displayed.

Because they are clustered together and not under a liquid crystal or polarized glass (like LCDs), they can virtually be made in any size or shape.

Direct View LED Display Close Up

LED lights are energy efficient, effective, and are ultra bright.  They also rarely burn out because they don't have a filament.

Direct View LEDs are measured in pixel pitch instead of resolution.  Pixel pitch refers to how close together those little light emitting diodes are placed.  Basically the smaller the pixel pitch the closer a person must be to see the actual pixels.

Using Direct View LED has it's perks:

Brighter/High Contrast - Direct View LEDs are much brighter in comparison to LCDs.  By looking at the nits, which is how brightness is measured, LCDs average for outdoor signage around 2500 nits, where Direct View LEDs will range from 4000 to 10000 nits.  

Having this kind of brightness helps when using displays in bright, sun-lit areas.  Direct View LEDs can be seen easily and create little to no glare.

Color Quality - Direct View LEDs have a high color quality emitting vivid images.  

No Bezel/Seamless - Because Direct View LEDs are made up of tiny clusters, they can be arranged in any shape or size.  This allows them to be also be arranged in a seamless fashion, creating a no bezel video wall.

Video Wall with Large Bezels.

Unlike the photo beside, with no bezels, that means no gaps, no uneven installations, and no image distractions.

Beautiful, awe-inspiring content can be seen on your displays.

Scalable - As mentioned above, since Direct View LEDs can be arranged in any shape or size, it truly is a scalable project.  There are even options to make it curved, 3D, and even transparent.

Efficient & Low TCO - LEDs can last years (average 100,000 hours of use) and require minimal maintenance.

Bold/Statement - Direct View LEDs can help you create a bold statement.  You can use your displays for art or arrange them in such ways to create various shapes, aspect ratios, and styles that can help your image and branding.

Some of the places Direct View LEDs work best in are:

  • Lobbies
  • Cinemas
  • Malls
  • Airports
  • Universities
  • Sports Arenas
  • Convention Centers
  • Bars / Restaurants
Greater Columbus Convention Center DVLED

Direct View LEDs have become much more cost efficient over the years and with all the benefits can be seen as an easy solution for upgrading your current digital signage project or creating an invaluable tool for your business to grow.  

If you are considering an upgrade or want to learn more about implementing a Direct View LED solution, Coffman Media offers a free consultation to tailor and meet your digital signage needs.  Contact for more information.

DVLED Ceiling Display
Hilton Tower Columbus, OH - Stores on High DVLED Ceiling Above The Bar

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