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Amplify Brand Awareness with Digital Signage Video Walls

May 23, 2023
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Industry Insights

As a business you have been there; there being, the unknown, the invisible, the obscure.  All ofyour blogs, social posts, website, and static promotional signs and flyers are perfectly done, oh so pretty, and ready to be seen. You’re the next big brand right?

You’ve spent so much time and energy creating those marketing musts, but still, no one knows who you are, let alone what you offer.  You are not “The Happiest Place on Earth,” nor are you the “Breakfast of Champions” (come on, you know those, Disney World and Wheaties).

You have a brand awareness problem.  Brand awareness means how well-known your brand is and how it can be recalled and trusted by your target audience.  

Brand awareness is recognizing a logo, becoming a loyal buyer regardless of price, you sing the jingles, you share the products on your Instagram, you refer their service to your best friend, and you buy from them over and over again.  This means people are aware of a brand.

So how do you go from unknown to known? How can your business boost brand awareness so you can get out of obscurity?

Here at Coffman Media, we have been solving this problem for over 13 years at the time of this blog, using digital signage solutions.  One of the more effective and visually stimulating forms of digital signage that helps amplify brand awareness is a digital video wall.  

Enter: Digital Video Walls (and the crowd goes wild)

You’ve seen them, vivid colors, flashy impressive content that seeks and claims your attention, making you desire whatever it is you’re being memorized by. They can be found in public venues such as airports, convention centers, and hotels; healthcare venues such as hospitals, surgery centers, and doctors’ offices; retail venues such as malls, cannabis stores, and grocery stores; education venues such as colleges and universities; and corporate venues both large and small.  

A video wall is made up of multiple displays (typically LED or LCD) that are tiled together. The displays have thin frames, or bezels, that are joined together seamlessly (or as close to seamless as possible depending on the particular display) to create the appearance of one large screen.  

They are most often designed in a square or rectangular shape but can be made into unique and customized shapes depending on what you want.  The displays can play independently of one another or can act as one solitary screen.  As technology continues to evolve, video walls today can be interactive, touch screen, wayfinding, and even 3D.

The content that is run on a video wall is controlled through a content management software(CMS). Your CMS allows you to change content pieces, adjust layouts, create schedules, manage users, and lots more depending on your CMS of choice.

Digital video walls are used to inform, educate, entertain, influence, inspire, and connect your brand and your message to your target audience.  Whew, they accomplish quite a bit for a business.  Connecting your brand to your target audience is where we will focus, attaining brand awareness.  

Let’s Get Amped!

So how does a digital video wall amplify my brand awareness?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  To amplify, by definition, means to make larger or greater (as in amount, importance, or intensity); to increase the strength or amount of especially; to make louder.  This is what a video wall can do for your brand awareness.  It can get you known, it makes you loud and heard.

Amplifying your brand awareness starts with visuals!  According to, visuals get 94% more views than text-based information.  That means, no more static, heavy text, boring ole’ content.  With a digital video wall, you get a visual showstopper!

Visual Showstopper:  Video walls are dynamic which means there is movement.  Digital video walls grab your attention, let’s be honest, they practically beg for it.  They can be large and the clarity of them (depending on the resolution and viewing distance) can create a fully immersive experience, if need be.

Perceivably, they make a positive first impression and give you all the feel goods with the bright brilliant colors and video reels, as opposed to static images and text.  With the right content, video walls can create an experience and even influence passersby.  

Tell me that you haven’t walked by a video wall in a sports venue or convention center displaying an ooey gooey cheesy slice of pizza being pulled from the whole pie as if tempting you like a visual Greek Siren to go buy it.  Your mouth waters, and now you want pizza.  That’s a visual showstopper and that’s a giant leap to brand awareness. Getting attention.  

Customizable Solution:  With the use of a content management system, you get the ability to customize your content.  This means you can use logos, brand consistent colors and fonts, and even create layouts that are brand specific.  

Video walls give you the opportunity to actively tell your story, and share your mission, vision, and values, all of which help your audience connect with you.   You can share the impact you intend to make, even your why for existing.  

When a connection is created with your target audience, it is much easier for them to recall your brand.  

You can also tie in your community through advertisements, sharing upcoming events, or highlighting positive happenings and residents around town.  

The joy of customizing also allows you to share demonstrations of your product or testimonies specifically from your current clients. This helps your audience understand what you have to offer (product or service) and also build trust in that product or service.  This leads to engagement.  

Integrations and Engagement:  Integrations like real time data updates, weather and emergency notifications, live feeds, and social media help digital video walls achieve maximum effect.  

Being able to have people engage through social media whether posting about your product or service, or participating in online challenges, creating buzz around what you offer, this is engagement and exactly what you want to make people remember you.  

Video walls are a great way to incorporate social sharing and create exciting and memorable engagement.  Last winter my family and I were visiting New York City.  Being the tourists that we were, we purchased a 10 second time slot on a large video wall in Times Square.  We recorded a quick video, uploaded through the integration app and there we were, our family as big and bright and bold as we could be in Times Square.  Creating an experience like this to offer your target audience generates excitement, in turn, increasing brand awareness.

As if video walls weren’t cool enough as it is, you’ve now seen how it’s impact of being a visual showstopper, the benefits of its customizable solutions, and the impact and scale of its integrations and engagement can amplify your brand awareness.  

Gone are the days of wasted time and efforts, onward to the days of getting known and becoming the next recognized brand, all thanks to a digital video wall.  If you would like to learn more about how a video wall could help your business, schedule a no hassle discovery call with Coffman Media today.

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