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3 Things Digital Signage Can Do For A Cannabis Dispensary

April 18, 2023
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Industry Insights

The Cannabis industry is growing, in sales and legalization, at an extremely rapid rate.  According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, as of April 3, 2023, 38 states, three territories and the District of Columbia allow the medical use of cannabis products and as of November 9, 2022, 21 states, two territories and the District of Columbia have enacted measures to regulate cannabis for adult non-medical use.

As a result, dispensaries are catering to a large increase in demand, with top dispensaries averaging millions in annual revenue. As it continues its upward trend, MJBiz Factbook tells us that, retail cannabis sales are expected to be more than $53.5 Billion by 2027.

With this growth and profitability, staying competitive and creating differentiation will become the focus for dispensaries to truly capitalize each location and ownership group's full potential. Cannabis dispensary digital signage is becoming increasingly popular to do just that.

Digital signage is a way to get your message across, streamline ordering and enhance the user experience. A digital signage system consists of hardware (your displays - whether system on chip or standard - and media players), software (content management system), and content (text, images, videos, RSS feeds, apps and widgets).

There are many scenarios in which digital signage can be used inside a dispensary. We will touch on these further but they include: 

  • Menu Boards
  • Video Walls
  • Kiosks/Touchscreens
  • Single Screens
  • Wayfinding

There are 3 powerful differentiating elements that digital signage can provide to your dispensaries and your customers:

·     Educate your customers

·     Create an experience

·     Empower your brand

Educate Your Customers

Even though the cannabis industry is growing, there are still a lot of "unknowns" and things that people just don't understand.  Between regulations, industry stigmas, lack of marketing strategies, and the overwhelming choices available to your customers, it is easy to see why educating your customers is crucial.  Digital signage can help.

Through the use of menu boards you are able to showcase and describe your product offerings.  List out the strain, benefits, details, pills, edibles, oils, etc. of each of the products. Include pictures or videos of your products with the details so that customers know what they are purchasing and how to utilize.  

Are you introducing a new product? Educate your customers what is different about this particular offering and what are the health benefits of using it.

Answer your customer’s questions such as:

  • Who can purchase?
  • Are there qualifying conditions?
  • Who in the state controls the industry?
  • What are the purchase and possession limits?
  • Are there taxes charged?
  • Is delivery allowed?

Use video walls and digital signage displays to deliver the most up to date information about current regulations, pricing, and product availability in real time.

By educating and being willing to share current industry news you can build rapport with your customers.  This adds to their experience and can become your best marketing strategy.

Create An Experience

When your customer walks into your dispensary, is it clear and easy for them to make a decision?  How quickly are purchases made?  How often are you answering the same questions?

These are the kind of issues that digital signage can solve. Digital signage allows you to integrate with your POS (point of sale) system. This allows for easy inventory management and real time updates to your menu boards as it pulls straight from your POS system.

a kiosk graphic

The use of kiosks and / or interactive touchscreens can provide your customer with:

  • Efficiency in ordering and payment
  • A chance to look into your available inventory
  • Find details about particular products
  • Search benefits that they may be looking to use the product for
  • Order directly from the kiosk, assisting the budtenders at the counter especially during peak in-store traffic times
  • Provides a self-guided experience for those who may be timid
  • An immersive experience

From a business side, digital signage can highlight promotions and sales to customers. Maybe there is a seasonal offering, or limited time discount, a new strain coming soon, or a daily edible special. You can also upsell to current customers.  Advertising is also a way to increase revenue.

You can also use digital signage at the back of the house to keep employees educated and updated on the most recent internal policies. When you have employees who are new, on different shifts, returning after time off, digital signage can help align your team.

Kiosks/Touchscreens can help reduce the cost of ownership of your dispensary, lower labor costs, provides a low maintenance solution, and drives your sales by promoting brands, products and services.

Empower Your Brand

The government regulations, social regulations, and advertising limitations can make it difficult to get your brand recognized and relevant.   

With digital signage your logo, fonts, and messaging can be consistent across all facets. You maintain 100% control of your messaging which can help influence buyer decisions.

Social integration can be utilized to share feeds within the social worlds you exist in, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Social integration can be utilized to share feeds within the social worlds you exist in, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Loyalty programs and referral programs are a great way to empower your brand as well.  Focus specials or discounts around creating returning customers.  When customers return, and enjoy a wonderful experience, they are more likely to refer your brand to others.  

With digital signage you get to maintain 100% of your messaging.

If you are looking for a digital signage integrator that can tailor a solution for you to use in your dispensary, Coffman Media can do just that.  Our digital signage solutions help you educate your customers, create an experience, and empower your brand.

If you already have a solution, we can also talk through how we can integrate with your current system.  It's an easy, affordable solution and we provide you with support through it all.  For a free demo, contact

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