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22 Easy Content Ideas For Digital Signage

October 24, 2022
10 minute read
Industry Insights

If your company runs digital signage then you've been there.  Trying to come up with exciting, relative, informational, and ever changing content can be a full time job in itself.

Just give the people what they want, right?  But that task is not as easy as it sounds sometimes.  

Have no fear...we have come up with 22 easy content ideas to use on your digital displays to communicate your message to your audience. These content ideas will get the creative juices flowing and will allow you to customize according to your company and message.

  • Advertisements.  Yours, your vendors, your clients, your customers.  Advertisements can be done creatively on your display and can even become an extra source of revenue.
  • Meet & Greets.  Have staff to highlight?  Students to introduce?  A group to commend?  Let your audience meet and greet who you want them to by including biographies as you see fit.
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  • Special Codes.  If you have coupons, discount codes, specials, free giveaways, all of these can be included on your displays.  You can even incorporate beacon technology and have the codes sent to customer's mobile devices.
  • Appreciation.  If you need to dote on a staff member, customer, client, vendor, any and all of the above, create content that sends all the love and appreciation for the world, or at least your audience, to see.  
  • Safety/Emergency.  Whether it is a safety issue, weather concern, or local emergency, use your digital signage to convey the issues and then the best solution.  
  • FAQ's.  If you are often asked the same questions, have fun giving the answers through your content for your digital display.
  • Guests/Visitors.  Welcoming guests, providing quick visitor information, and possibly direct them where they need to go can all be helpful content for guests/visitors to your place of business.
  • HR Updates.  Policy changes, manual updates, staffing requirements, job postings; these are great content fillers and ensures that everyone gets the information.
neon sign that says "work harder"

  • Motivation/Inspiration.  You can post inspirational quotes, key performance indicators, stats, or even motivational speeches or videos to keep staff pushing onward.
  • Kids Information. Do you have specific information or directions for children?  Perhaps a video or content related to children while they wait.  Don't forget that kids can be influenced by your brand as well.  
  • Mulitple Locations.  Do you have other campus locations, or sister locations?  Your content can work across the board (literally), or mention your other convenient locations.  
  • Menus.  Are you a fast casual dining restaurant?  Post your menus or specials as part of your content. Maybe you have a cafeteria at your corporate office, and you can include the menu for the day.
  • News.  Include news headlines or live streaming videos of local news.  Keep your audience up on current happenings around your area.  
  • Hours of Operation.  It is best that your customers know your operating hours so they can keep returning and they always know if there are special days you may be closed.
  • Parking.  Do you have a large facility or multiple locations?  You can help reduce frustration for your customers by giving the most up to date and accurate parking information.
  • Recipes.  Share new, healthy, or seasonal recipes.  Don't let Pinterest be the only source for a good recipe.
  • Social Media. You can connect live to your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook audience and share the content from your audience.  You can even run contests to keep things exciting.

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  • Testimonials.  Reviews, testimonials, and feedback is not just for Google anymore.  Share those positive words from your customers to earn respect and trust for your brand.  
  • Upcoming Events. Any events your company is hosting or is sponsoring, share away.  Get people excited with promotional videos or social media shares.
  • Videos.  It sounds too easy to be true, but videos of any kind (appropriate of course) are exciting and informational to your audience, I mean we have a whole website that's dedicated to videos, YouTube, might as well make use of them.  Just make sure the content is relevant to your brand.
  • Weather.  Because it changes as quickly as the tide, keep the most up to date weather information for your customers.
  • Yule log.  If you want to put some peace and quiet in between content pieces, or are just looking to fill the gap, use the yule log glowing fire place content to keep everyone feeling warm and fuzzy about your brand.  

Updating content, especially if you were given the task, can be a daunting one. Coffman Media, a digital signage solutions integrator, can help with all of your content questions and needs. Reach out for a free consultation, and you may find their white glove service exactly what you needed for your digital signage content solutions.

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