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Zoom Rooms Make It Easier To Connect

With an increased use of 67% in the first three months of 2020 and over 300+ million daily meeting participants, Zoom has impeccably become the go-to source for meetings, conferences, classes, and meetups.

It doesn't stop at just a downloaded app or a simple join meeting code, Zoom has now created an easier way to connect, through Zoom Rooms and Zoom Room Appliances.

What exactly is a Zoom Room and how is it different from the conference room of yesterday?

A Zoom Room is a cloud based solution for the evolving conference room. It handles the three main pain points of any conference room: starting a meeting, booking a meeting, and sharing content whether your participants are in the same room or are joining from wherever they can.

Access a full HD video and audio Zoom Room meeting from any desktop, mobile or room system with a unique one touch to join. This can be done for instant on-the-fly meetings as well as scheduled meetings.

With a scheduling management system it becomes easy to book rooms across any location. Zoom Rooms are scalable and can be optimized for any size room, from a huddle room, conference room, training rooms, theaters, board rooms, etc. The system integrates with Google, Office 365, and Exchange calendars for booking, room status, meeting lists, and more.

The most advantageous feature you may discover is the one click wireless sharing. Content can be shared from any participant.

Interactive whiteboarding can be a thing now for viewing and co-annotating, even over shared content. These whiteboarding sessions can be saved as well and you can open up to 12 at a time.

Your IT Department will thank you for using Zoom Rooms because of their powerful and robust security features. It provides a minimal cost solution due to it's minimal set up and support required. You can set and manage rooms by location hierarchies, conduct remote management and software provisioning, and set up role based administration and alerts when issues arise.

Zoom Rooms can integrate into an existing conference room setup such as Polycom, Cisco, or Lifesize equipment, with Zoom Conference Room Connector.

Set up for a Zoom Room is easy with just 5 components and a Zoom Room license.

  1. PC/MAC/Chromebox

  2. Display

  3. Controller

  4. Camera

  5. Speakers/Mic

Zoom Room also offers Zoom Room Appliances which make set up and connectivity even easier.

These are built with the purpose to scale, deploy and manage Zoom Rooms efficiently. These include all of the components you need with minimal set up and a hassle free installation. It's safe, secure, easy to manage, and easy to control.

There are 3 Zoom Room Appliance video-enabled solutions:

  1. Neat Bar

  2. Poly

  3. DTEN

These solutions allow you to plug it in, boot it up, activate the license and boom, you have a Zoom Room and all of it's wonderful features mentioned above.

Find out exactly how you can make Zoom Rooms work for you by contacting an integrator. Integrators like Coffman Media have the expertise and experience to walk you through a solution that is custom tailored to meet your conferencing needs. Contact sales@coffmanmedia.com for your free consultation.

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