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You Might Need A Digital Signage Software Switch If...

...Hang on just a second, we will get there. First, tell me you read that in your best Jeff Foxworthy voice, because we did.

Ok, now we can move onto the good stuff. Do you currently have a digital signage software system? Or have you looked into digital signage but maybe were turned off for one of the following reasons?

There are over 300 different softwares available, so it can be a difficult choice.

So how do I know it's time to switch? And why do we recommend and provide Signagelive when we are changing out customer's digital signage software?

You Might Need A Digital Signage Software Switch If...

...you settled for a "cheaper" digital signage system in the past because they were so expensive when you purchased. Good news, Signagelive boasts that costs of deploying and managing a digital signage network has been reduced by 50% over the years.

Due to Cloud based services, and System on Chip hardware, it is not nearly as expensive as it was years ago.

Now is the time to let go of cheap, and update with an affordable digital signage software that offers all the support and advice required to make a successful switch.

...you are getting overwhelmed with the multiple modules needed to purchase and setup before content can even be displayed. Are you lost among servers, modules, layouts, licenses, requirements, add-ons and bolt ons?

Signagelive took all of the servers, modules, and features and put them on the Cloud. All you need to have now is a web browser and a media player. They take care of the network, software, and support.

This is called ease of use. Now you can focus on your message to your audience.

...you have to shell out additional monies when you need support and/or software updates. Signagelive includes 100% support including live chat, as well as, all software updates for the life of your purchased software license.

Avoid the ugly game of additional costs or even your digital signage not working. When it's all included, you have nothing to worry about.

...you are using a rebranded or expensive PC to playback your digital signage content. Admittedly PC's have lost some of their bulk and have come down in price, however Signagelive is committed to providing customers with the widest support for digital signage playback technology available.

If a ChromeOS device, SMIL device or Smart Signage Display (among others) can do the same job for a reduced cost, doesn't that make sense? The move from PC supported players, to non-PC or no-PC players is becoming more prevalent.

...you are frustrated with creating or sourcing your content. Great content is important to Signagelive and because of this, here are a few of the key features they include so that content doesn't have to be the source of frustration.

· Easy to use "drag and drop" Layout Designer to create multi-zone templates with playlist zones, ticker feeds, and widgets; or use the existing templates and upload your own images. The options are endless.

· Create message templates with the Message Manager with editable text zones and with the option for quick, instant updates via your mobile device.

· An image editing tool, Aviary Image Editor, provides you image editing software inside Signagelive.

· Keep your audience engaged with live feeds such as news, sports, and weather, through Screenfeed feeds available through Signagelive.

· Feature a visualization of your stats and data you need to share from spreadsheets or SQL databases. Signagelive can help integrate and publish this unique information.

But How Easy Is It To Actually Switch?

Let us help rip the bandaid off and show you that it doesn't hurt as much as you think it will. Signagelive is here to make the transition as easy and painless as possible.

We will complete an evaluation of your existing digital signage player hardware to determine if it can be utilized. If it can work, you will be given technical proof of concept to demonstrate that it can work on your existing hardware.

We will handle your software upgrade on digital signage players with our White Glove approach, providing remote install (via LogMeIn or Team Viewer) or onsite transitions with our team of technicians.

If you are interested, we can make recommendations of new digital signage player hardware that you might wish to purchase to replace if your current players are out of manufacturer warranty or simply add additional players to your existing network.

And as mentioned in our list above, support, every step of the way is guaranteed. Our Customer Team is walking through this journey with you, assisting you with any questions or advice required to make the switch to Signagelive an easy one.

Coffman Media and Signagelive have partnered up to provide clients with a white glove experience. Coffman Media is a certified Signagelive Reseller, making us your key digital signage integrator for Signagelive software.

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