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Why We Choose Signagelive For BrightSign Players

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

When selecting media players for your digital signage solutions, it can be a difficult task. We've even written blogs about that in the past.

The daunting digital signage selection process can leave you feeling overwhelmed, especially when choosing hardware (media players) and software and which go best together.

One of our go to hardware solutions, are BrightSign players.

Why BrightSign? BrightSign players are reliable, affordable, robust players that deliver unsurpassed performance. They can be used for single displays all the way up to multi-screen video walls.

The question then becomes, I have this awesome media player, what software do I pair it with to make my digital signage do every thing I need it to?

We have a solution...Signagelive.

Signagelive is a leading digital signage software, services, and support solution. They are cloud-based and provide you with all the tools necessary to create and publish content to keep your customers entertained, engaged, and informed.

The way we see it, having a BrightSign Player without Signagelive is like having the best cookware available and not knowing how to cook! Essentially, it just makes no sense.

So to answer the question to the title of this blog, we wanted to break it down to really understand how Signagelive becomes the best option for BrightSign players.

It is the features and benefits of Signagelive that make all the difference. The simplicity of the system being key.

Creating a user-friendly platform that was easy to update, maintain, and control across multiple screens, locations, or from anywhere in the world was what Signagelive wanted to do, and accomplished.

At it's primary focus, Signagelive is a scalable solution and can be used for any type of business.

Signagelive's manageable system includes a marketplace that houses over 500 apps, backgrounds, zones, widgets and templates that can be designed, stored, and used whenever needed. Did I mention that hundreds of these are free through that marketplace?

There are no download limits either. The clock, weather, news, and calendar integration are just some of the most used apps. Those such apps along with others, continue to run offline, and unless you want live updates, they don't even need direct internet access.

Along with an awesome marketplace, the system allows you to assign local users. Creating different groups of users, or individual users, who are given limited access and can manage only what they need to manage provides you with the assurance for restrictions and safety within the system.

The best part about creating local users is that you can have as many as you want or need and without additional fees. Managing can be done from the player level, the playlist level, or even just the content level.

What an easy way to control small rollouts, all the way up to larger multi-location solutions.

You definitely can't have all these incredible features without also being able to report things out. You have to make sure everything you are publishing is actually hit the screen right? The dashboard allows Admins to track player reporting, playlist reporting, and user reporting.

You can get reports on the time that the players are running along with the health of the network as a whole. The player dashboard allows quick glances for easy management.

There is also a wonderful Proof of Play option that gives you the option to view and download reports with accurate date about what impressions were made within Signagelive including asset, playlist, zone, or layout.

To make the system even more user-friendly, Signagelive allows you to create tags for searching for specifics throughout the platform. Both players and assets can be tagged, and restricting play back or reducing asset visibility can be accomplished with tagging.

Speaking of restrictions, you can do that using conditions. This creates a more customized solution for a customer so that you can restrict where an asset will play. Maybe you have a specific playlist to several screens but need to create conditions that allow specific pieces of the content in that playlist for that particular group. Conditioning provides that option for you.

Want to bring in your own user experience or application to use within Signagelive? No problem, they put API first and offer full documentation and support for developers. The user interface functionality is accessible to all developers enabling you to cultivate your own workflow.

To reduce loading times and in the case of a network interruption, the widget development framework, HTML5, allows you to store content from the internal storage of the player.

Preventing network interruptions, or player incidents, Signagelive's system has a monitoring system that is proactive. There are email notifications and support tickets that can be sent to administrators alerting you to issues and allowing you to fix them in a timely manner without having to stare at the dashboard all day.

You want a system that works for you and not against you, and we think Signagelive pairs wonderfully with the BrightSign players as a sound solution for your digital signage needs.

If you are interested in a free demo of Signagelive, or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact sales@coffmanmedia.com.

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