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Why Say No When It Feels So Good To Say Yes...To Digital Signage

Did you read that title in your best Big Tom Callahan (Brian Dennehy) voice? If so, you have made Tommy Boy fans proud (photo of Brian Dennehy credited to Paramount HE and IMDb.com).

But seriously, he has a point.

Digital signage is an ever evolving technology that conveys content to an audience using a media player on a display screen. Content can be displayed across multiple screens in multiple locations or on just one screen within one space.

It is easily managed and updated, captures an audience's attention, and studies have shown that it can increase sales.

So again, why say no when it feels so good to say yes? Here are a list of the top 9 reasons why you say no to digital signage, and why it will feel so much better to say yes.

Nine Reasons For "No"

It's Too Expensive

Yes, there is a cost associated with implementing a digital signage system. Depending on the type of system being implemented, however, it could reduce, replace, or avoid other expenses.

What do I mean? Are you spending money on printing signs, brochures, and posters already? A digital signage system can replace these items.

Information can be updated quickly and easily on a display through the content management system rather than having printed materials redone.

A digital signage system can even be a revenue generator, which in turn helps to pay for itself. We will get into this more a little bit later.

Don't let the cost of a digital signage system deter you from looking into it. It is more affordable than you think, and there are so many options - for both CAPEX and OPEX.

There Is No One To Maintain It

It doesn't take a rocket scientist, an IT guru, or even a marketing genius to maintain a digital signage system. Software and Content Management Systems are user friendly and most software companies offer support and training for full understanding as part of their start up cost.

Another option would be to utilize your digital signage integrator to help maintain and update your signage. This takes the work and thought of it off your company's plate and allows you to focus on what you are supposed to be doing.

I Don't Have The Space For It

The great thing about digital signage, is it can come in many different forms and sizes. Digital signage can be used as a display on the wall in any size, as a handheld touchscreen device like a tablet, and even by using beacon technology that can ping your mobile device.

If you have an audience, you have a space for digital signage.

No One Will Look At It

Your audience is made up of the people who will view your signage. Depending upon your industry, it may be employee based, or customer based, or even a mix of both.

Dynamic images, videos, news feeds, social media, all of these make up the content on your screen and are grabbing at the attention of your audience.

According to Outdoor Advertising Association of America, More than half (55%) of travelers who noticed a digital billboard in the past month were highly engaged, recalling the message on the screen every time or most of the time they passed by a digital billboard.

Your display will be seen.

It's Not Green

Digital signage actually is one of the most "green" options you can choose for advertising. Displays are very energy efficient, they last longer creating less waste, and they replace printing of brochures, maps, posters, and other marketing materials.

Content is quickly edited when errors occur and updated as often as need be instead of relying on printing again, which can create a lot of waste.

Lyle Bunn, one of the industry's most influential people, pointed out in his downloadable book entitled, Dynamic Signage in Food Services, that "Costs are reduced in the publishing, distribution, posting and disposal of printed static signs, with 100% assurance of message posting."

I Know Nothing About Technology The great thing about digital signage is that you do not have to know technology to make it run and work for your company. It does not take a special department to control it and, as mentioned above, a solutions integrator can actually control it if you want to be hands off with it.

Integrators, like ourselves, are happy to offer online training courses. They are tailored specifically to your company's needs, are recorded for reviewing and sharing. We even offer "self-help" videos through our CMS partner Signagelive if you'd rather give it a go on your own.

I Can Just Use PowerPoint

Yes, yes you can. But consider a few things when deciding between PowerPoint and a digital signage system. PowerPoint can come across as a "cheap" solution as it is easily decipherable as PowerPoint. RSS Feeds are not able to be integrated within a PowerPoint slideshow and PowerPoint is not a CMS, therefore you lose the ability to easily schedule and deploy out new and various types of content assets.

Find out further in our blog, PowerPoint For Digital Signage, why PowerPoint may not be your best solution, or how to use it if it is.

I Am Overwhelmed With Choices

The selection process for choosing a digital signage solution for your company can be completely overwhelming. With over 1000+ software options, hundreds of media player options, and more display options than one can count, it is easy to see how this can happen.

This is when you would do your yourself a favor and contact a digital signage solution integrator, like Coffman Media.

Using an integrator allows a subject matter expert to assess your messaging needs and creates the best solution choices for you and your company. Coffman Media offers a free consultation to help you with this, so be overwhelmed no more.

It Won't Make Me Money

It was mentioned earlier in the "It's Too Expensive" reason, that a digital signage system can actually be a revenue generator. Yes it will cost you to implement the system, but how can it generate revenue? Included below are a few examples.

Digital menu boards at a QSR Restaurant can actually increase sales. According to Eclipse Digital Media, "...digital menu boards typically present up to a 5% sales lift."

Digital displays can create an advertising revenue stream. Corporations, restaurants, schools and universities, and retail establishments can sell advertising space or sponsorships as part of their content.

In the retail space, the point of sale area is a great place to have digital displays. With more than 70% of purchases made at the point of decision, it’s a great way to influence your customers’ spending.

I know it can be easy to say no to digital signage if you haven't spent enough time truly vetting it as a marketing option for your company. Allow Coffman Media to assist you with a free consultation.

We want to help you engage your audience with digital signage and visual communication technologies that are tailored for your specific needs giving you all the reasons to say yes, and that feels good.

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