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Why Digital Signage Should Be A Part Of Your Media Strategy

A video surfaced by Gary Vaynerchuk that was called "Every single one of you is a media company." And he meant it.

We tend to agree with you Mr. Vaynerchuk. His premise was, media is just the means of communication to reach and influence people widely and as a business you must be creating content, because if you are not, you basically do not exist.

What Makes You A Media Company?

If you are creating content that promotes your business, that becomes part of your media strategy. You are communicating to your audience a message. There are so many media marketing strategies or avenues that your business can take.

Radio/TV Advertising: This is the media strategy most often thought of. Getting an interview spot, a commercial spot, or an exclusive spot, gets you in front of a fair amount of people and can help your business be recognized by the world.

Mailers: This strategy is slowly becoming a less used one, however there are many pros to using this media strategy. The audience is highly targeted, the outcomes are measureable, and the process is simple.

Blogs: Finding the things to write about in your industry that people want to hear about or learn about. Blogs should be engaging, entertaining, create a call to action, and invite your customers to want to know more about you and your business. Blogs can drive traffic to your website and increase the world's awareness of you.

Website: This is where the majority of your money is spent, and it should be. This is the face of your business, the story of your business, the why of your business, and the offerings of your business. This is the "Oz" that all yellow brick roads lead to. Make sure, if nothing else, that your website conveys the message you want it to.

Mobile App: You can provide discounts, sales, wayfinding, connect to beacons, provide customerfeedback, provide purchase history, place orders, and access your business social media sites.

Social Media: This, we all know, requires a full time position to make full use of. Social media is where people are, and your content needs to be where the people are. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube are flooded with content, but if you don't have something on them, you have no chance of being seen at all.

There is a key media strategy that some companies are missing: Digital signage.

Why Digital Signage?

Digital signage uses digital displays or screens to display content such as images, video, streaming media, and information. As a company, you are offering a service or product that is solving a problem. You have to be able to sell that product or service and digital signage may be just the tool for you.

Becoming a content creating media company on top of building your brand and business should actually go hand in hand. When implementing digital signage as a media strategy, it is important to have a clear direction, know the desired result you are hoping to achieve, and understand the expected return on your investment.

Digital signage content can include the following:

Product/Service Awareness: You can introduce new products/services you offer, highlight a seasonal offering, create FAQs for your products/services, and point out sales or specials. These can be location specific as well if you have multiple locations.

Upsell/Upgrade: This type of content includes showcasing a particular item or service that can be added on to their current purchase for a special price, possibly provide the information for the newest version and offer incentives for upgrading, even introduce new products/services that are available for a short time.

Full Advantage of Customer Visit: There has been a shift in recent years of online shopping vs. brick and mortar store shopping. A surprising statistic from Retail Dive shows that 62% of 18-24-year-olds cite taking items home immediately as a reason they shop in stores vs. online. This shows that there are still people relying on visiting the stores or businesses to touch, feel, see the product they are purchasing.

Engagement: Get employees engaged by using digital signage for data visualization, training, HR Issues/Updates, and communication. Provide a way to connect to social media sites, your business website, and even a mobile app. You can use beacon technology to even have information sent directly to your customer's phone.

The Digital Signage Element Can Help

As mentioned above, you can upsell, or invite your customers to upgrade, tell the story of your business, share your charity involvements, get them to connect to your social media sites, have an interactive way to provide directions or wayfinding, or even provide them with coupons through a mobile app for visiting.

Digital signage as part of your media strategy is a smart move. Whether you believe it or not, content drives your business and the less of it you produce, the further you get out of the world's view.

If you need assistance with media strategy and the possibility of using digital signage as part of that, or even providing digital signage as a service within your current company, we have created The Digital Signage Element to help.

By adding the element of digital signage to your offerings, you can unlock revenue you didn't know existed. You get the opportunity to leverage a new service to your clients providing them with new opportunities to get seen.

By the end of 2020, more than 60% of businesses will be using the media strategy of digital signage in some form, why not be the company that provides that?

For more information on The Digital Signage Element or capitalizing on your media strategies with digital signage, check out Coffman Media here.

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