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Using User-Generated Content As Digital Signage Content

That's right, we just said "Using User..." in a title of a blog. But that is what we want to talk about here: The top 3 uses for user generated content (UGC) as part of your digital signage content strategy within 5 key industries.

User generated content includes the texts, pictures, videos, blogs, and social media posts that you and your customers produce and share.

The 5 key industries we will focus on is Quick Service Restaurants, Healthcare, Education, Retail, and Corporate Communication.

Getting The Most Out Of Your UGC

Quick Service Restaurants

Photo Contests: New menu item? Revamped recipe? An award winning dish? A new location opening? Nothing gets the word out faster than photos across social media. Create a contest that pushes for more customers to take photos and share socially and in turn give them a coupon code or entry to win something big as a thank you.

Show Off Reviews/Testimonies: Share your Google, Yelp, and all other testimony websites you can on your digital signage. You can also have customers post videos of their personal reviews and share knowing that they can be included on your social media wall.

Answer FAQs: Do you get frequent questions about specials? Limited hours? Nutrition or Ingredient Facts? Take pictures, create videos, use creativity to get content about these things on your signage and in your "newsfeeds" to generate more user activity.


Video Testimonies: Videos from patients that have had successful treatments, surgeries, visits, can be the perfect thing to share on your social media wall. People connect with people and stories that are real and life changing.

Internal Postings: Health facts, articles from the industry, health tips, etc. All of these things are posts your healthcare team can make internally which can be shared across your social media wall.

Sponsored Events: Is your healthcare facility sponsoring a local community 5K or marathon, maybe a health fair? Advertise these events on your digital signage and get people talking about them. Have a direct link for volunteering or signing up that can be emailed or sent directly to a mobile phone with beacon technology.


Achievements/School Pride (hashtag campaigns): Highlight any faculty, staff, and student achievements. Get the campus pumped about that big game coming up. Create hashtag campaigns to corral students together on social media networks. Start contests between students, staff, and the community.

Learning Can Be Fun with Infotainment: Create content like trivia games that require interaction, or fun facts surrounding the school's history, even politics are a good subject for digital signage.

Acknowledge and Give Thanks: Use digital signage to acknowledge those alumni, donors, and government figures who make a difference for the school. Highlight big renovations or projects that were made possible by funders and create hashtag campaigns around the progress of the build. Give thanks to vendors or partners and use photos and videos to spotlight them.


New Purchase Posting: Use a new style or specific product as the subject of every customer's next post. Have them take selfies with the new piece on or having just purchased the piece, and post with a hashtag. This is a great way to get a new line for the season circulating and people to want to come check it out.

Create Hype for Big Sales Events: Having a seasonal sale? Biggest sale of the year? Clearance Blowout? Create hype around the sale with a hashtag campaign (yes we've mentioned this hashtag campaign thing a few times now, but it is versatile, and it works, so we are rolling with it). Even create shareables for social media platforms, maybe even offer extra discounts with so many shares.

Get Customer’s Creativity Involved: Connect for a purpose. Maybe that is a charity, or cause for something that happend locally. You can use contests, such as submitting videos using your products or the best marketing ideas for your products. Let your customer do the work for you, the spotlight will not make them run away, but bring out their creativity.

Corporate Communication

Promote Team Spirit/Recognition/Successes: Applauding in public is one of the best ways to keep your employees motivated. Across the generations, we like to know when we did a job well. Using digital signage to recognize employees or teams or departments that are having success motivates others to want the same, or to take better pride in their achievements.

Industry News/Posts That Are Relevant: Use your social media wall to post industry news, anything that might be going on around the world, around the region, or around the office that may deal with your particular company or industry. News articles, blog posts, subject matter experts that give an opinion, photos, videos, all are examples.

Connect the Company to their outside customer: Follow your customers, vendors, partners, etc. You can catch them using your products and share as well. It is also a great way to connect your employees to customers that they may not directly have contact with on a regular basis. It is nice to see a return on an investment even when that investment is not necessarily money.

Time, labor, creative efforts, sweat, etc. all of these contribute to your company's purpose. What better way to let them know the efforts are worth it, than sharing actual customers using it.

User Generated Content is a leading source of content for digital signage now. Coffman Media has partnered with Seenspire, a social media wall and infotainment content company, enabling you to create your own social media channel with live updates, images and videos that can be displayed through your digital signage system. This allows you to keep your digital signage content fresh and people interacting with it.

Are you ready to make your digital signage work for you, and let your customers implement your marketing strategies? You can request a free consultation to learn more by visiting www.coffmanmedia.com.

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