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Tips For Selecting Video Wall Displays

Creating a stellar first impression is easily done through the use of a video wall.

Oh you've seen them, usually large and eye-catching with their bright flashing video content, luring you in like a Greek Siren, casting an enchantment of whatever buying or branding power it has over you.

Let's be real, they are just down right cool. Aside from their coolness though, there is a lot of thought behind just what goes into configuring and installing a cool video wall. Actually, it can differ by the environment it is being implemented into.

Choosing the display that will make up your video wall and that will work in the setting you need it to can be tricky. Well we are here to help.

Read through the tips below to keep in mind when selecting displays for your video wall based on five of the major environments or industries that we see video walls popping up in.

Control Rooms/Surveillance/Security

Whether it be airports, malls, government, or cyber security, it is pertinent that video walls in this environment be flexible, reliable, and produce high quality videos/images. Here is what you should consider when looking at display types:

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • High Brightness, High Contrast

  • Small or Seamless bezel installation to minimize viewing distractions

  • Data Integration capability

  • Access for Multiple Video Sources

  • Content Management System that offers Real Time Updates

  • Requires little maintenance


The use of video walls in the healthcare industry can range from patient care, education, interactive experiences, wayfinding, and even for internal operations. Displays should be durable, reliable, and scalable. Considerations should be:

  • High Definition Image Quality

  • Vibrant Colors

  • Slim/No Bezel for uninterrupted viewing

  • Durable

  • Resist Image Sticking

  • Use for Long Hours, up to 24/7

  • High Brightness to account for exposure to open windows or reflections

  • Wayfinding Options

  • Interactive Options

  • Premium viewing experience

  • Content should inspire, impact, educate, and engage

Large Venues/Sports Arenas

Using a video wall in a large venue such as an airport, convention center, hotel, sports arena, etc. is set to create a wow factor to the audience. Whether you choose LED, LCD, or Projection, this is what to keep in mind:

  • Greater Viewing Distance, Wide Angles

  • Scalable

  • Reliability and Longevity

  • Must have High Brightness for ambient conditions

  • Durable

  • Seamless

  • Color Uniformity on a large scale

  • Think outside the box with shapes and size

  • Outdoor options (consider also weather, visibility, lighting, etc.)


Leverage brand recognition, increase engagement, and inspire your audience with video walls in the corporate environment. Content is key here, however this is what you will want to remember with display selection:

  • Should be Scalable and Versatile

  • Data Integration for Key Performance Indicators

  • CMS should allow for Real Time Updates

  • Wayfinding

  • Emergency Notifications

  • Interactive Options

  • Content Sharing

  • Remote Video Chat options

  • Seamless presentations

  • Meeting room/Conference room integration

  • Can second as a visual piece of art

  • Inter-office Communication


Draw in customers, deliver a branded shopping experience, and stand out amongst others in the crowd with a retail video wall. When considering displays for a retail video wall, this is important to think about:

  • Draw Attention

  • Dynamic, High Brightness

  • Interactive Options

  • Bezel Considerations

  • Placement (window facing, inside the store, outdoor to increase foot traffic, etc.)

  • Content should include products, promotions, features, colors, details, etc.)

  • Options for Landscape or Portrait modes

  • Beacon technology integration

  • Social interaction options

  • Integrate with point of sale systems for inventory management

As you can see, an awesome video wall does not just happen. There is a lot to work through. Instead of going in blind, you may choose to work with a digital signage integrator who holds the knowledge and experience with selecting displays that are just right for your specific environment.

Based on a needs assessment, integrators like Coffman Media can put together the perfect video wall solution for you. Contact sales@coffmanmedia.com for your free consultation.

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