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The Digital Signage Element: A New Brand From Coffman Media

Over the course of 10 years, Coffman Media has become a leading digital signage integration company.

They have implemented projects in North America and around the globe within industries such as quick service restaurants, education, healthcare, corporate, and retail.

With the experience and knowledge base that the Coffman Media team gained through the years, they became industry subject matter experts. They were approached in late 2017 by a few select companies that were interested in adding the "element" of digital signage to their product offerings to their current business models.

Those companies had a dilemma: Where do we start and how do we make it successful?

Over the next 18 months, the Coffman Media leaders were asked more and more from additional organizations for the same help. By adding key focused players to The Digital Signage Element team, and compiling spectacular partners, they put together a program worthy of providing that guidance.

Thus, The Digital Signage Element was born.

What Is The Digital Signage Element?

By the end of 2020, more than 60% of all businesses, in all industries, will have some form of digital signage in use within their organization. Why not be the one to offer a solution when they need it?

First, though, what is digital signage?

Digital signage, at a 30,000 foot view, is the content such as videos, graphics, webpages, and text, that are displayed on screens and range from one small screen to multiple location, multiple display video walls.

Digital signage is made up of six "elements" (in case you haven't picked up on our use of DS Element, I'm laying it on pretty thick).


The hardware consists of the physical components, such as displays, mounts, stands, media players, cables, and signal management.


The software is the most critical piece of your signage and comes down to your choice.

The Content Management System, CMS, allows you to manage all the endpoints, customers, and their content.

It is, essentially, what turns a commercial television into digital signage.


Knowing what kind of content you want to create and what message you want to convey to your audience is crucial to the success of any digital signage implementation. Content includes (as mentioned above) anything that plays back onto the display such as images, videos, text, webpages, IPTV, and even custom applications.


This is the element that can make or break the success of a digital signage project. If proper planning is not considered both network connectivity and power to the hardware can cripple the implementation.


When it was mentioned above for content that it was crucial to know what kind of content you want to create and what message you want to convey, that's actually the system objective. Understanding your objective, whether it be to engage, inform, entertain, or just communicate, is key for success and a positive return on investment, ROI, for your customer.


Making the digital signage system profitable and scalable is where we create the extra mile with The Digital Signage Element Program.

The program will help you navigate your business model and place you on the path to successfully adding digital signage to your infrastructure.

This is the launch pad for unlocking unlimited recurring revenue within your business and we give you the tools to do it. Someone will be offering digital signage to your clients, can it be you that will provide the solution?

Who Is The Digital Signage Element Intended For?

As indicated earlier, our program was developed to help provide the services, resources, and products for adding the element of digital signage to their current offerings or create a whole new business, as a profitable revenue channel.

What type of businesses may best benefit?

  • Traditional Sign Companies

  • IT Firms

  • Audio/Visual Companies

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Business Consultants

These are not the only users. Any business or individual who wants the education, consulting, sales support, connections, and access to distribution surrounding digital signage implementation, The DS Element is for you.

The Program. Believe The Hype.

The Digital Signage Element program is not just a package of pre-recorded videos that try to reach you and teach you and send you on your way to forget everything you just listened to. As you probably already know, digital signage is a little more sophisticated than that.

The Digital Signage Element is a live, dive-in-head-first, fully interactive look into the world of digital signage and how you can make it a profitable arm of your current business.

The Digital Signage Element team becomes an extension of your team and combines three primary segments that the program supports.


The services offered through the program include:

  • Comprehensive Training on the Six Elements

  • Private Group Slack Channel Access

  • Monthly Features/Benefits Call

  • Monthly Vendor Call

  • Pre-Sales Support


We don't just give you information, but also provide resources that you can see, feel, and touch that make offering digital signage just a little bit easier for you.

Those resources include:

  • Pricing Guides

  • Needs Analysis/Site Templates

  • Marketing Material Templates

  • Service/Install Partner Access

  • License Tracker Software

  • Toolbox Access


We have created long standing partnerships and positive relationships with a handful of vendors.

Because of that, we can offer the distribution of products for items such as:

  • Software Licenses

  • Media Players (IAdea & BrightSign)

  • Software Training

  • Custom Development

Who Are Our Partners?

It was quite a process over the last 18 months, or the last 10 years really, when selecting our vendor partners that we wanted to be a part of The Digital Signage Element.

To ensure we provided best-in-class solutions for you, we chose partners that believed in long term relationships to create sustainable digital signage programs.

You can see a full list on our website, however some of our partners include: Signagelive, IAdea, BrightSign, LG Electronics, Seenspire, and SnapInstall.

The Digital Signage Element team includes six integral team members that led the charge in creating these relationships over the years. Between vendor partners in the hardware, services, and labor areas, as well as cultivating client relationships, we have truly developed the recipe for digital signage success.

Wanna Know More?

There are a lot of these things that may not make much sense at first glance, if you are new to the digital signage world, but that is what The Digital Signage Element has been created to do.

Immerse you into digital signage, become the partner you can trust to help scale your business, and assist you in helping your customers deliver their message through digital sigange.

As Henry Ford says, "Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success!"

If you would like more information on The Digital Signage Element, or want to unlock new revenue through digital signage, we can't wait to tell you more, click here!

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