• Nikki Ault

The Advantages of Financing Digital Signage

We know the advantages of implementing digital signage to your business: reduces perceived wait time, increase sales, improve brand awareness, effective communication, etc. The list could go on and on.

But did you know that you can finance your digital signage project? That's right, you can!

To say we are in a time of being budget conscious, is an understatement. Making every dollar count is critical for continued growth. With that being said, all the advantages of digital signage may not help you out if the initial cost up front is too much.

Between hardware, software, content development, installation, service, and support it adds up. Costs have come down tremendously over the years to become more attainable, however why not finance all of it and let it help you make the money it takes to pay for it.

By financing your project, and I mean all 100% of your project, you can take advantage of the flexibility this offers to you as a business owner. Here is how you can capitalize on digital signage by financing your project.

Bundling. The pieces that make up your digital signage project are what we listed above. Hardware includes the physical pieces: displays, mounts, media players, cables, etc. Software is the platform and houses your content management system that you will use to create and display your content, or the message you want to get across to your audience. Installation, service and support can all be separate pieces and costs.

By bundling, you get your total solution, so all pieces added together, which can be financed and paid for in one easy convenient monthly payment.

Cashflow. By financing your project, you can hold on to your cash up front and use it for the things your business needs along the way. Conserving your capital allows the digital signage technology to work for you.

Keep Up With Technology. Financing your project allows you options for updates as needed, service support, and warranty programs to keep you up to date with the latest technology. You stay relevant in an ever changing world.

100% Software Only Orders. When we say financing is available for all parts of your digital signage project, that also includes software only orders. Maybe you are just purchasing licenses to use on your already owned displays, that can be financed.

Customized Finance Solutions. You can get flexible repayment terms, tax benefits, fixed rates, leasing options, and asset management control.

Your digital signage project doesn't have to be what breaks the bank. Go all in on the solution you really want for your business.

Allow the advantages of financing your project give you the purchasing power to have your cake and eat it too, or in the digital signage world, have your signs and use them too.

For more information about financing your digital signage solution, contact sales@coffmanmedia.com.

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