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The 3 Things Digital Signage Can Do For A Cannabis Dispensary

The Cannabis industry is growing at an extremely rapid rate. As of early 2020, 33 states have legalized marijuana for medical use and 10 states have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

With that being said, what is interesting is that a regulated dispensary averages about $3 million in revenue. Fit Small Business puts this in perspective, mentioning that only about 9% of small, full time businesses average more than $1 million in revenue.

One way that these dispensaries can capitalize on that revenue is using digital signage in their stores.

Digital signage consists of hardware, software (content management system), and content such as text, images, videos, RSS feeds, apps and widgets. Basically, it is a way to get your message across to your audience using digital displays.

There are many opportunities for digital signage to be used in a dispensary:

  • Menu Boards

  • Video Walls

  • Kiosks/Touchscreens

  • Single Screens

Once you understand what digital signage is, it is critical to understand how it can be used within a dispensary.

There are 3 major things digital signage can do for the dispensary: Educate your customers, Create an experience, Empower your brand.

Educate Your Customers

Even though the cannabis industry is growing, there are still a lot of "unknowns"and things that people just don't understand. Between regulations, lack of marketing strategies, and the choices available to your customers, there are a lot of things to be confused about.

Menu boards can be used to showcase and describe your product offerings. List out the strain, benefits, details, pills, edibles, oils, etc. of each of the products. Include pictures of your products with the details so that customers know what they purchasing.

Are you introducing a new product? Educate your customers what is different about this particular offering and what are the health benefits of using it.

Use video walls and screens to deliver the most up to date information about current regulations.

Answer questions such as:

  • Who can purchase?

  • Are there qualifying conditions?

  • Who in the state controls the industry?

  • What are the purchase and possession limits?

  • Are there taxes charged?

  • Is delivery allowed?

By educating and being open to share industry news you can build rapport with your customers. This adds to their experience and becomes your best marketing strategy.

Create An Experience

When your customer walks into your dispensary, is it clear and easy for them to make a decision? How quickly are purchases made? How often are you answering the same questions?

These are the kind of issues that digital signage can solve. Digital signage allows you to integrate with your POS system for easy inventory management and real time updates to your menu boards for your customers to see what is available and maybe what is sold out today.

Interactive touchscreen kiosks can provide your customer with:

  • the chance to look into your inventory

  • find details about particular products

  • search benefits that they may be looking to use the product for

  • order directly from the screen instead of taking your time at the counter

Digital signage can also highlight promotions and sales to customers. Maybe there is a seasonal offering, or limited time discount, a new strain coming soon, or a daily edible special. You can also upsell to current customers.

You can also use digital signage at the back of the house to keep employees educated and updated on the most recent internal policies.

If your product and customers are dynamically changing, so should your menus and signage. Digital signage also allows you to empower your brand.

Empower Your Brand

The government regulations, social regulations, and advertising limitations can make it difficult to get your brand out there.

With digital signage your logo, fonts, and messaging can be consistent on all your screens.

Social integration can be utilized to share feeds within the social worlds you exist in, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Loyalty programs and referral programs are a great way to empower your brand as well. Focus specials or discounts around creating returning customers. When customers return, and enjoy a wonderful experience, they are more likely to refer your brand to others.

With digital signage you get to maintain 100% of your messaging.

Forbes says, spending on legal cannabis worldwide is expected to hit $57 billion by 2027. If you have a dispensary, make sure you capitalize on those dollars, and check out digital signage to help.

If you are looking for a digital signage integrator that can tailor a solution for you to use in your dispensary, Coffman Media can do just that. We offer content from our partner Onward Content that will ensure your customer's experience is memorable and positive from the moment they walk in. Custom branded content is available as well.

If you already have a solution, we can also talk through how we can integrate with your current system. It's an easy, affordable solution and we provide you with support through it all. For a free consultation, contact sales@coffmanmedia.com.

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