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So You Think You Know Digital Signage

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

When you think digital signage, what comes to mind?

Typically it's a digital menu board you saw at the local quick service restaurant you visited for lunch, or maybe that display screen in the doctor's waiting room trying to keep you entertained with healthcare information while you wait impatiently for your appointment.

Yes, these are digital signage systems, but they can be so much more too. It's time to think outside of the box.

Let's put on our metaphor hats for a second. Think of your digital signage integrator as FedEx Shipping. FedEx ships and delivers your package from point A to point B in the most streamlined way. What's inside the package doesn't matter (to an extent), but their job is to get it where it needs to go.

As a digital signage integrator that is essentially our goal. The package in this case being the message or content you want delivered to your audience. We can help you decide the best packing materials, or type of media player and display you need.

Then we ensure that package is delivered via your content management system, on time, when required. As their website indicates for FedEx Shipping, "Shipping. Just the way you like it." We take the same action with your digital signage system.

So let's think outside the box (pun intended) of your typical digital screens that we talked about above. What else can digital signage look like? Well, we made a quick list just to wet your appetite. The first few can be used in any industry (Express Shipments), and then the list is broken down by industry specific (Extra Care Handling).

Express Shipments

Wayfinding: Displays can contain content as simple as a map of the facility or can be as complex as including touch screens that direct you the exact route you can take or even send the directions to your mobile device.

The larger the building, often the more difficult to navigate. Help out your visitors, guests, customers, and clients by giving them a more interactive experience and get them where they need to go faster.

Store Front Enticement: Oh so you aren't open 24 hours a day, no problem, your display can continue to work for you in the front window of your business, marketing for you, tempting those to come back during your normal business hours. Oh so you are open, entice those people walking by to come in with the content you put in your window display.

Emergency Messaging: All emergencies can be quickly vetted and steps taken to put emergency processes in to action when using digital displays. People can take appropriate direction and levels of worry and stress can be decreased.

Virtual Assistants: Use a touch screen display to allow customers and clients to check in, locate their desired location within the building, book meeting rooms, provide updates, etc.

Video Walls: What better way to welcome your customers than a larger than life video wall. It's sure to capture the attention of passerbys.

Employee Communication/HR Updates: Internal communication in any business can be difficult if emails go unread or there is no time for everyone to be in the same place at the same time. Provide updates through your digital signage system and it can eliminate that.

Extra Care Handling


Patient Updates. Allow screens to help you maintain privacy for your patients but provide the updates to loved ones waiting in the lobby.

Treatment Rooms. Have all treatment rooms contain a digital display that keeps the patient entertained while they wait, but can access and display records, charts, test results, xrays, etc. to show the patient directly on screen.

Third Party Advertising. Use those connections with your vendors, pharmaceutical companies, and create another stream of revenue or help cover the initial set up costs of your system.

Provide the most up to date healthcare information. People are constantly looking for the latest health information, so give it to them.


Try It On Virtually. Some displays can act as a "mirror" that takes your image and you can mix and match accessories and clothing right on the screen without ever having to enter the fitting room.

Point Of Sale Screens. Having small screens at the point of sale can entice that last minute purchase or provide your customer a last opportunity to connect socially or to sign up for a rewards program your store may offer.

Beacons. Beacon technology allows digital signage systems to connect directly to your mobile device to increase knowledge, sales, and interactivity. Maybe you send a coupon for next visit, or an upcoming sale, or even the latest trends.


Special Class/Event Showcase. Is there a new class coming this semester, a band performing on campus, an art gallery with limited set up, the big game? All of these things can be showcased on digital screens eliminating the rotating posters and flyers the flood campus.

Department Specific Messaging. Does the Library on campus need to display different information than the cafeteria? You can have messages that show up on all displays mixed in with specific to the location messages as well.

Cafeteria. Fill the screen with the menu for the day/week/month. Highlight specials, let the ordering take place on individual kiosks, the possibilities are endless.

Corporate Communications:

Data Visualization. Take the important data that your company is responsible for keeping and make it work for you. Highlight salespersons, phone centers, goals, etc.

It will push your competitive employees and put the goals right in front of them everyday.

Bridge Generation Gap. Use screens to promote the next company picnic, update on the latest policy, connect on social media, etc. You can reach each generation with digital signage.


Let them build their order. We live in a very customizable world and we want to order our food the same way. Give a kiosk or touch screen display and let them build their own burger. At least it will be right to a point.

Outdoor Displays in Drive Thru. Displays have changed over time and they are so easy to update. Use them in your drive thru to raise sales, make menu changes, and flip from breakfast to lunch with ease.

Nutritional Information. Eventually nutritional values will be required for all menu items, and digital signage is the easiest way to keep these up to date.


Make your menu board more than a menu board. You can display your concession items as well as a live feed of the game going on in the stadium so your attendees don't miss a minute of the game.

Social Media Engagement: Social media literally "blows up" with game updates in the newsfeeds. Get everyone interacting and display for all to see (you can keep it safe for the little eyes too).

VIP Suite Experience. Provide tablets or screens inside the VIP Suites in your stadium and allow the guests to display what they want or place orders for food delivery directly to their suite.

As you can see, the opportunities are literally endless. Just as the options for what to put in a FedEx box to send are also endless.

You just have to decide what your message is, and then with the help of a digital signage integrator, such as Coffman Media, and a software solutions provider, such as Signagelive, your message will be delivered. On time and where it belongs.

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