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Signagelive Releasing New Cloud Updates

January 6th will be the first Monday of 2020. Just like a lot of my friends (and myself), this will be the date to launch resolutions, change, and updates to improve ourselves going forward.

Well, our software partner Signagelive is taking the same approach. A new cloud update will be taking place on Monday, January 6th and includes quite a few improvements.

The updates will happen at 4am EST (or because Signagelive is based in the UK, 9am GMT) and will occur for no more than an hour, so most of us here in the U.S. won't even notice.

Access may be unavailable at times during this hour, however don't fret about your content! The updates will not affect Players connecting to the Signagelive Cloud, and will not affect their playback. Whew!

Now let's get to the fun stuff, what are the new improvements we can look forward to once all is complete? Check out this quick video from Signagelive that includes the changes they are making, or read the list below.

Content Deployment Progress Bar - As simple as it sounds, once you have set your content to publish, a progress bar will now appear to keep you apprised of the headway it is making to being published. You can see this progress bar on the dashboard or within each individual player.

List of Assets on a player - You can now look into which assets are deployed on each particular player in your list. A new "Asset"tab will appear within the player.

List of Players an asset is deployed too - Within your playlist manager you can now select the properties of each asset and see which players that asset is playing to.

Display in Media Asset Properties the user that uploaded and date time - Inside the same asset properties area, you can now click the "Details" tab and see which user uploaded that original asset and when.

Publish buttons have been moved to the centre of the screen and the 3 buttons (Reset, Review & Publish, Publish to Players) added to the bottom of the screen - These are just some shifts made to where buttons have been placed on the screen.

Unsaved changes indicator in the Playlist Creator, Layout Designer - Are you the type that frets about saving your work? Well, fret no more. A warning screen will prompt you to save or leave without saving if you have unsaved changes within the playlist creator or layout designer.

That's a headache reducer right there!

An unpublished content indicator added to the Publisher - Same concept as the one above, saving time and headaches to ensure that you have published updated content as desired.

Warn users when navigating away from the Playlist Creator, Layout Designer and Publisher when there are unsaved changes - In other words, you are leaving the pages you are working on, are you sure you want to leave without saving?

Add support to the Layout Designer for alignment of text in a static text zone and in a multi line text zone - When adding static text in the layout designer, you can now add multi-line text and adjust the alignment of that text for both single line and multi-line text.

Bug List - includes many fixes in Publisher, Player Manager and User Manager - We always like a good bug fix!

As all of these updates are made, there is nothing you will need to do to ensure they are deployed properly. Signagelive will take care of all of it.

The biggest difference between your changes you are making to yourself in the New Year and the changes Signagelive is making, theirs won't cost you a penny extra!

Signagelive includes all updates to their software in the cost of the license you purchased. There are never additional costs to the core platform. Now that's something worth cheers-ing!

If you have any questions about the updates being made, or want to learn more about digital signage and how you can use it, contact Coffman Media. As a leading digital signage integrator offering white-glove service, and unrivaled software (such as Signagelive) with international reach, we ensure a time-saving trusted approach for a seamless integration for a maximum return on your investment.

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