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Signagelive Adds A Simple Way To Utilize Your Underutilized Displays

Meeting spaces have become quite the revolutionized, yet functional, and dare I say it, trendy, environments in the work place.

Long ago are the days of empty wallpapered walls and ugly carpets where you required sunglasses to hide your eyes during meetings so you can catch extra zzz's rather than listen to Sharon drag on about the internal dashboard of the company.

Oh no, nowadays meeting rooms are strategically built and furnished with functional equipment and seating. Seating that is placed specifically turned toward the digital display, or screen, that most attendees can't wait to use to show off their most recent presentation or key performance indicators on.

And it's not just meeting rooms with displays that are, shall we say, underutilized.

Corporations may use displays in their respective departments or areas to showcase productivity and KPI's to boost call volume, sales, etc. only during normal business hours.

The Education world may use the displays to show off the latest happenings and events around campus only while students are in class.

Dashboards across multiple locations can be seen for monitoring when need be for retail or quick service restaurants.

Healthcare facilities can use displays to update patient waiting room information such as surgery times, length of stay, and who is up next.

Did you realize that a display in any of these settings are not used to their full potential, or what you may have thought was just a television screen, can actually provide you with more?

More, such as opportunities for your team to work together and grow.

More, such as saving time and money eliminating printed handouts, fliers, packets, or portfolios of presentations, and decluttering bulletin boards.

More, such as warnings and emergency notifications to get your employees, students, guests, and patients to safety.

More, such as an engaged, informed, and entertained audience.

More, such as ease of use and technology-driven platforms that transform experiences.

Yes, I'm telling you that technology can help Sharon's delivery, 100%!

You see, most of us have heard about content sharing platforms, or maybe realize that there are programs out there that allow us take the content from our laptops or mobile devices and share them on a display through wifi or ethernet connections.

What's new is that these platforms can also be transformed into digital signage displays when not in their intended use.

We will circle back to this awesome discovery in just a few.

I want to start by giving you a couple of examples of the type of platforms I'm talking about that provide the content sharing.

Let's first take a look at the Mersive Solstice Pod. So what's cool about the Solstice is that it allows many collaborators, an unlimited amount to be clear, to simultaneously share and mark up content shared to a display and can even be used for multi-rooms.

All done wirelessly, the Solstice can integrate easily with AV and IT systems and support and updates are available through their network once you subscribe. You can even integrate calendars and they can support touch displays.

The Solstice Pod runs between $1199 - $1399 and the subscription for the first year is included in the original purchase. You can access a free demo or free trial if you want to check it out for yourself.

The next one we will check out is the Airtame. The Airtame is also a wireless sharing device that allows you to share to any screen, in any room, from any device making it a cross platform solution.

Remote access can be given to IT administrators to control every screen and calendars and agendas can also be synced.

The Airtame 2 runs an affordable $399 and includes software and support with no recurring subscription. Airtame also offers a demo if you'd like to see it in action.

There are many other content sharing devices, however let's circle back to what's becoming unique: turning that display into a digital signage display when not in use for meetings, or class times, or typical business hours. You can create more for your audience.

You can do this with a Signagelive web based content license. Signagelive is a cloud based software solution that includes free support, free updates, unlimited online storage, unlimited users, and a marketplace of over 500 free and paid-for apps and widgets.

Signagelive offers a standard license which includes all of these things and supports images, videos, streams, and feeds as well as web content and widgets. For just $270 per year and the ease of use, it's a no brainer for a digital signage solution.

But what if I only want to use web based content? Then this is the solution we started chatting about.

Signagelive now offers a web based content license that supports web content such as dashboards, URLs, and widgets or apps and eliminates the need for a full digital signage platform if that is your need.

Apps and integrations like calendar, weather, news, clocks, Google Sheets, Google Slides and more can be accessed through the Signagelive marketplace and utilized through the web based content license.

You are still given the opportunity to use Signagelive's design, layout, and scheduler tools and are provided the options to display multiple zones or elements at the same time.

For a web-based content license through Signagelive, it will cost you around $68 per year per player, a 25% cost savings from the standard license. Might as well save where you can, you get more for your display but without breaking the bank for having access to things you may not necessarily need.

Here is a comparison chart that Signagelive has offered to show the differences between your standard license and the web based content license.

If you would like more information on any of the platforms mentioned, or would like to view a free demo of Signagelive, Coffman Media can get that set up for you. Contact sales@coffmanmedia.com and our experienced team can assist you with discovering your digital signage needs.

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