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Sanitizer Demand Helps Companies Pivot

With CDC recommendations indicating that using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol can help you avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others, it is pretty clear why amidst a global pandemic that hand sanitizer became impossible to find anywhere.

Finding this transportable and effective way of sanitizing your hands when you don't have access to soap and water was like mining for gold. Well just like the Gold Rush of 1849, when approximately 300,000 people dropped everything they were doing and bombarded California to find gold, companies have been forced to do the same in the present time.

Companies may not be striking gold, but they are pivoting the direction or path they were originally on to supply the increasing need for products such as sanitizer and face masks. Especially in the cases where their current products or services are not in high demand due to the Pandemic. Pivot or plummet, right?

Who Has Been Pivoting?

Distilleries. While once producing desired and delicious spirits such as vodka, whiskey, gin, bourbon and rum, some distillers have temporarily switched to producing hand sanitizer. I mean, they are alcohol based already, what better turn for them?

Distillers already produce ethyl alcohol which is a key component of hand sanitizer so once they acquired the other ingredients, as well as packaging, it was easy peasy. So much so that in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak, over 600 distillers were making and distributing hand sanitizer.

Apparel Companies. It became quickly not about Spring's latest fashion trends or what color was going to be Summer's hottest look, the shift in apparel turned to face masks. Companies started producing face shields and face masks to be used to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Many were distributed to hospitals and medical offices when they were in high demand.

Restaurants. The only way for restaurants to survive was to pivot to curbside pickup, delivery options, and some even created grab-n-go meal kits.

Offering specials, free delivery, contactless pick up, increasing social presence, ensuring recommendations by local government are followed, meal deals, and adding cocktails to go, restaurants had to shift their typical table service way of doing things.

Now that restaurants are allowed to open back up, the extra safety precautions are causing another shift for them too. Temperature readings of customers as they enter, safe social distancing between tables and patrons, proper face coverings, and cleaning and sanitizing protocols must be met.

The Unbeknownst Pivoter

Digital Signage. One industry, and one digital signage integrator in particular, Coffman Media, has shifted their digital signage focus and pivoted to the sanitizer business as well.

What presented itself was an opportunity with many different new products to help combat and ensure safety measures were met from the pandemic.

One of those being the Digital Wellness Station, a free standing station that includes:

  • A built-in infrared thermometer for body temperature reading in +.3 seconds

  • 22" display that communicates that temperature reading, along with any content you chose including the latest pandemic updates.

  • Touchless sanitizer dispenser with drip tray

  • Integrated slots for PPE gear such as face masks and gloves.

When customers purchased the wellness station, they also had a need for the gallons of sanitizer that is used for the wellness station.

Ah ha, a partnership was created that met this demand and so much more.

Coffman Media's Approach. Now the need presented itself but who do we partner with? Enter Happy Home. Coffman Media has formed a formal partnership with Happy Home, a chemical plant and bottling facility that has been producing hand sanitizer for 20 years.

All products are produced in the United States of America following strict national guidelines. The plant is FDA approved and the hand sanitizer is made with the WHO formula and is CDC certified. No worries about methanol here.

By partnering with Happy Home, Coffman Media is able to supply customers with hand sanitizer for any reason and in any amount, not just for Digital Wellness Station buyers. Because the digital signage industry touches so many other industries (i.e. Healthcare, Education, Retail, Corporate, and Restaurant/QSR) it is quintessential that the demand for sanitizer be met, and why not by a digital signage company?

Coffman Media chose to pivot.

Why Happy Homes Sanitizer?

The hand sanitizer is made with an alcohol blend between 65%-100% ethyl alcohol and is available in liquid or gel. It is produced in bulk at the plant making 5 million gallons and 1.25 million bottles per month. Because of the short lead times, the product is available and ready to ship.

You can receive sanitizer in sizes as small as 2oz. tubes all the way up to a 6,300 gallon tanker truck. Some of the most requested are:

  • Bottles come in 8oz. and 16.9oz liquid or gel options and contain a 70/30 ethyl alcohol blend.

  • Gallons are an 80/20 ethyl alcohol formula.

  • Happy Home Trio includes 3 gallons of sanitizer with 3 spray bottles that are refillable for quickly and effectively cleaning and disinfecting.

This sanitizer is perfect for use in:

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Grocery Stores

  • Correctional Facilities

  • Corporations

  • Restaurants

  • Arenas

  • Convention Centers

  • Co-Working Spaces

And for the Digital Wellness Station, of course.

If you are interested in more information regarding sanitizer to keep yourself or your business safe and healthy and meeting new standards, you can contact Coffman Media at sales@coffmanmedia.com. We have a team that is prepared to answer your sanitizer and digital signage questions so we can customize a solution for you.

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