• Nikki Ault

Restaurant Digital Signage, It's Now Affordable

Wrong. I’m not. Digital Signage in restaurants is becoming the norm as the cost of entry to the technology becomes more appealing to the masses and more and more owners and managers realize the benefits of using restaurant digital signage technology.

There are many benefits, and they are as varied as the restaurants themselves.

Based on the recent report 'Digital Menu Boards and ROI', from Networld Media Group - "The average restaurant can expect to see between a 3 percent and 5 percent sales life after installing DMBs (digital menu boards).

Restaurant Digital Signage - A Guaranteed Audience

Every single customer who steps into your restaurant or quick service establishment will look at your menu board. You have a guaranteed audience. And since the industry counts on suggestive selling, this signage gives much more control over engaging your customer and thus, the upsell.

Do you offer different menus for different meal times? You can change your sign in a matter of minutes. You can add specials, update prices, even list the nutritional and caloric details of each item in your restaurant. Or, post upcoming specials to generate more return customers. Showcase a new dish on the menu.

In-restaurant messaging and promotions can be updated instantly! No more having to print new menus with each change in your restaurant offerings. Restaurant digital signage boards make it easy for customers, and being able to add HD graphics and video means you will be engaging with your customers in ways that print cannot offer.

Tell Stories, Satisfy Customers, and Maximize Sales

How about a display that educates your customers on the history of the dishes you serve? Are there spices or ingredients that are special, or found primarily in your geographic location? Tell the story behind your menu.

An interesting history of the food they will be consuming is a fun way to keep customers entertained while they wait for their food. Digital signage can actually decrease a customer’s perceived wait time by up to 35 percent.

At the same time, this technology increases both customer satisfaction and sales of promotional items on your menu. High margin items have increased sales, leading to a higher margin for each transaction and higher check averages.

Did I mention the improvement in the accuracy of orders and how operational efficiency improves? Of course, having very satisfied customers goes without saying.

What about the possibility of forming partnerships that can be very effective, with cross-promotion that can be quite lucrative. You create opportunities to partner with other local businesses.

The bottom line for a restaurant is two-fold: Customer satisfaction and increased sales. Digital Signage is a cost effective tool to use in order to achieve that bottom line, giving restaurant owners a cost efficient solution that allows effective communication coupled with versatility.

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