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Renewing In The New Year

While it's nice to consider rejuvenating and renewing your self for the new year, that's not quite the direction we are going here.

The renewal, in this case, is your content management software (CMS) license renewals.

That's right, it's more than likely that the CMS you chose last year, will be up for renewal this year.

Most cloud-based software solutions are sold on an annual basis (some offer multiple years at a time too) and each year you have to renew those licenses.

When considering CMS options, it's important to understand exactly why it will work for you. Outside of just the look and feel of the final product that will display on your screens, you will want to know that your CMS is working for you and how it sets itself apart from other software options.

If you are considering a CMS, our partner, Signagelive, offers 5 features that set them apart.

Free Support

Once you purchase your license(s) through Signagelive, it comes with free email and live chat support. They will help walk you through issues, and will work directly with your integrator to solve those issues.

Free Updates

The best thing about a cloud based software is the opportunity for updates. Even better, is that Signagelive offers them to you as part of your annual license purchase. That's correct, updates are free.

Unlimited Online Storage

Within your CMS, you can store as much media as you like. There are no annoying storage limit messages you will receive, and no worries about having to choose what to delete to be able to add more in. Another perk of a cloud-based CMS.

Over 500 Free Apps, Backgrounds, Templates, & Widgets

The Marketplace within Signagelive allows access to over 500 apps, backgrounds, editable templates, and widgets to get the most out of your signage. All of which are free. From notice boards, to news feeds, video streaming, and audience measurement, you can choose which items you want to include on your displays.

Unlimited Users

When setting up who will run your CMS, you can add as many users as need access. You can determine the level of access they have such as just updating content, to publishing, to managing the network. There is not a cost difference to you for adding the users you need.

There are a lot more features of Signagelive, these are just a few of the major game-changers.

Whether you are looking for a new CMS to get started with or are considering a new CMS upon your renewal, Coffman Media can help you figure out if Signagelive is for you.

As a certified reseller for Signagelive, Coffman Media strives as a leading digital signage integrator to give you the best solution for your messaging needs. We can assess your current hardware, including your displays and media players, and verify their compatibility with Signagelive.

While changing CMS platforms sounds difficult, between Coffman Media and Signagelive, making the transition becomes seamless and painless.

If you are interested in a free consultation to find out more about Signagelive and renewing your CMS licenses, contact Coffman Media here.

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