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Rejuvenating Your Digital Signage Content

Refresh. Reset. Reevaluate. Rejuvenate. This time of year is perfect for doing all of these things. With renewed clarity, and fresh starts in mind, make sure your digital signage content is not the last thing to get an overhaul.

That's right, digital signage content must constantly be updated and rejuvenated to ensure you are the getting the most out of it. It is difficult enough getting someone to look away from their smartphone while driving their car, (which we definitely do not recommend), let alone to look away from it for your digital sign.

So how do you combat that? With great content!

What to Consider When Thinking About Content

Content is the most valuable piece of your digital signage system. It is what your audience sees, interacts with, gets information from, and how they ultimately understand your brand.

With that being said, your audience is the first thing to consider:

· Who is going to be viewing your content?

· How long will they have the opportunity to view the content?

· How often will they be viewing the content?

· Will they need/want to interact with the content?

· What do they care about as it pertains to your brand?

Once you can answer these questions, this will allow you to properly determine your content and content schedule and establish how often that content will need refreshed.

What to Consider When Refreshing Content

Time to change it up? Content needs to be updated frequently so your audience does not get bored with it and so your message is not lost in the "look at me" abyss.

Valuable vs. Worthless

Your audience wants information that is valuable to them, not just to your company. It is important to build the connection between your brand and your audience.

Offering content that just spews information at them does not "speak" to them and therefore they will be more likely to become a passerby or will go right back to scrolling their Facebook feed.

This is where you can share your "why" as a company because people connect with your why. It becomes the decipherable difference between what you are offering and what your competitor is offering.

Filling your content feed with worthless information, or sending an overwhelming amount of information will just turn your audience off.

Relevant vs. Busy

Relevant content is a priority to create your stance as a credible and authentic source of information. When you make things relevant to your audience they are more likely to believe what you're offering.

It includes keeping content current, take out those "holiday offerings," past due contests, and out of style graphics, and replace them with relevant upcoming things.

Relevant does not mean busy. Busy content includes fillers, worthless information, and too many zones for the eyes to keep up with.

Fresh vs. Stale

Have you used the same graphics, images, videos, etc. to showcase your content? It's time to update those with fresh graphics, images, and videos. Even if that means its the same information, just changing up the colors or how the information is organized or presented can freshen up the look.

Stale content takes away the relevance and value that you give to your audience. It's like when you have scrolled through your news feeds and they start repeating, or the memes are shared by more than one person, it makes you scroll right past or discontinue reading.

Keeping your content fresh can be done with using content libraries. Infotainment that pertains to your client or customer is a great way to pull in content that is not brand specific but can be valuable. Seenspire can provide you with unlimited access to their library of content.

Along the lines of keeping content fresh, a great idea is to hire a professional photographer. Using images that are brand specific, even if planning to use as "stock images," it makes all the difference having your own images as opposed to free stock images from a random website.

You can be more selective about what you want to use them for and have more freedom in using them throughout social spaces.

Interaction vs. One-Way Communication

Can your audience benefit from interacting with your signage? In retail spaces, beacon technology can make the difference in last minute sales or connecting to a customer's mobile device by sending coupons or videos about the product they are looking at. In a mall or hospital interacting with signage can be beneficial for directions or wayfinding.

Social sharing is the number one method of marketing interaction that signage can help with. Your audience is probably already going to be sharing about what they are doing in your business, why not create a specific reason for them to post about.

Seenspire helps you create your own social media channel with live updates, images, and videos. People love seeing their posts pop up on a screen for the world to see and makes a difference in your marketing strategy based on what you may find out.

Updated vs. Outdated

If nothing else, be sure that your software and hardware is updated. Having outdated software can cause your content to run slowly, freeze up, and even give you that blue screen of death. Be sure whatever program you run, that you are installing the most recent update.

Hardware can make a difference to your audience. People want the most recent iPhone that is released even if they just bought the last version. People will give your company more credibility if you are showcasing on updated hardware.

The latest models of displays with the system on chip media players as opposed to bulky screens with oversized media players (additional expense) look "newer" to your clients and customers and creates the vision that you care about updated technology.

Taking a look at your content and refreshing it as required by your type of business and audience will make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your digital signage system.

Coffman Media, a digital signage integrator out of Dublin, OH, has the resources and capability to help you keep your content fresh. Reach out and they will provide your company with a free consultation for content development and scheduling.

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