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Reengaging the Disengaged Employee With Digital Signage

It is impossible to ignore one major issue facing all workplaces, employee disengagement. Employee engagement is often the topic of choice for companies, but we wanted to spin that to talk and discuss employee disengagement.

Disengaged is defined by Merriam Webster as the action to release from something that engages or involves, also, to release or detach oneself. As this relates to the workplace, when employees are disengaged, they have detached emotionally from the company.

What Do Disengaged Employees Look Like?

Engaged employees are easy to spot. They are focused on their work, open up and participate in conversations, promote the company's products, services, or mission, they actively participate in projects or tasks, and they usually go above and beyond their actual role and responsibilities.

Disengaged employees are also easy to spot, but in a much different capacity. Listed below are a few of the traits of a disengaged employee.

Just Enough: They do the assigned tasks as asked, but nothing more, nothing less.

Independent: Disengaged employees tend to want to be independent for everything. They do not like to work on cooperative projects, they do not socialize about work related tasks.

Complaints: Taking a negative attitude toward anything work or company related. They often complain of the environment, the people, the management, and the tasks.

Not Challenged: Sometimes it comes down to the fact that the employee is just not challenged so they disconnect.

What Are Disengaged Employees Doing Instead Of Working?

Disengaged employees may be getting their assignments completed, but what else could be happening as they continue to separate themselves from the workplace?

Social Media: They are updating their profiles, checking their newsfeeds, snapping with the latest filters, and throwing photos of themselves in their workspace on their page. Social media is at their fingertips and it's a world that can consume your disengaged employee by the hour.

Socializing: They are spending more time at their coworkers' desk or in the breakroom gathering snacks and the latest gossip. Socializing is a big sign of a disengaged employee because they are avoiding their job duties.

Job Hunting: Disengaged employees are often seeking the next job, with a slight pay increase, and the hope of a more engaging experience. They will spend hours trying to find a "better" fit for them than the job they are currently performing, or not performing in.

Gallup indicates that having disengaged employees is estimated to cost the U.S. between $450 to $550 billion. This is not a number you want your company to be a part of.

How Can You Engage the Disengaged?

Create a Respectful Environment: Officevibe tells us that 75% of people voluntarily leaving jobs don't quit their jobs; they quit their bosses. This insinuates that employee engagement can be largely impacted by the relationship between employee and boss. Creating a respectful environment where a manager has the same respect for his employees and they reciprocate can drastically change an employee's engagement.

Find Strengths and Challenge Them: People can work to their potential and beyond if they are doing something they are confident in doing and are challenged to push themselves with each task.

Take the time to find your employees strengths and tailor tasks and projects that push them. They will respect the fact that you see something in them that they may not yet see.

Sense of Belonging: Promoting a positive atmosphere, rewarding efforts, encouraging open communication, and supporting additional training and development help employees develop a sense of belonging. Creating team trainings, outings, projects, can help develop that team feeling and will allow employees to feel more engaged.

Compensation: Sometimes, you just need to reward your employees with hard earned money. If you are able to offer compensation whether in the form of a raise or a bonus or even extra time off, compensate your employees. That is an immediate need for engaging employees.

Communication: Employees quickly become disengaged when they feel they are unaware of anything going on within the company or that there has been no communication with changes. The feeling of being left in the dark is the quickest way to disengage your employees.

Since communication is one of the top ways to reengage employees, a great method for opening up communication is digital signage.

How Can Digital Signage Reengage Disengaged Employees?

Digital signage is an evolving technology that consists of display screens and media players that show content generated for a specific purpose. In this case, corporate digital signage can be used for multiple purposes.

Videos: Videos can create emotional attachments, help drive engagement, and tell stories.

Videos can be integrated into your digital signage solution and are a great way to get your company's "why" across, along with other messaging that are getting buried in email purgatory.

Multiple Locations: Digital signage offers you the options of displaying content across multiple locations or within different departments. For companies that have multiple locations, employees that are in remote locations can often feel disengaged. This will help repair that feeling as everyone can be updated at the same time.

Perks: Content can be thought provoking, socially engaging, and can help promote and create brand awareness. You can promote team events, HR updates, policy changes, data visualization, and give a better understanding of all of your products and services. In large offices, you can even use it as a wayfinding, or directional option.

This method of communication, digital signage, can help keep employees engaged and make them feel as though they are a part of the bigger picture. Disengaged employees are not the same as disgruntled employees and their engagement can be turned around. Relating to the generation gap can help as well.

For more information about the option of corporate digital signage, whether you need just one unit, or across multiple locations, you can get a free consultation by clicking below.

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