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Proof of Play Feature Helps With ROI

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

How do I know if my content is showing? How do I know if the content playing is being seen by the audience? How many times has the content shown up on the display? Did that content have any effect on sales?

These are the Return On Investment, or ROI, questions that every digital signage customer wants to know. It comes down to, is my digital signage system serving the purpose I set out for it to?

Well, as a Signagelive user, have no fear...Proof of Play is here!

Proof of Play is exactly as it sounds. Signagelive, a cloud based digital signage software platform, has developed a feature that enables proof (or analytics) on the media impressions of your content playback. The data collected includes if your content has been played, how many times your content has been played, and on which players/locations it has been played on.

If you are a Signagelive user, it is easy to setup. The network administrator must request the Proof of Play application. It is then added to the network and is accessible through the Applications Menu drop-down.

Once it is installed, you can control all of the data through the Proof of Play Dashboard. The dashboard highlights for you the top media assets, players and impressions made.

The Proof of Play feature can make such a difference for industries such as Retail, Healthcare, and Warehouse/Construction.

In retail, you are able to track the timing of your playback with the POS sales during that same timeframe and see if there were any differences in sales numbers. Perhaps a specific content played increased sales, while a different piece of content did not. Changes can be made to the content based on these findings.

Or perhaps, a specific audience shops at a typical time of day, more impressions can be made with a direct campaign and the success of that can be evaluated through the use of the Proof of Play data.

From a Human Resources point of view, in the construction or warehouse setting, many employees do not have access to a computer throughout the day, so updating security and processes can be complicated when you need to reach all of the staff, especially if you are spread out amongst different locations.

Using Proof of Play you can track how often the message you need to convey is played and in which locations, and ensure each employee gets the message intended.

Similarly, the healthcare industry can use Proof of Play to track the type of content being played across several locations and how that impression can impact their staff, patients, and physicians.

Data is collected in Proof of Play and provided in CSV format. This just means it can be used and analyzed by third party business intelligence and reporting applications. You can also utilize Google Sheets. Just open up the Explore feature to build Pivot Tables and Charts. This is just another way to analyze and use the data from Proof of Play.

Proof of Play works by first capturing and storing the data in the Signagelive Player. When a content check is run, the data is then sent to the Signagelive Platform. Once this happens, 12 different Proof of Play reports become available, 4 different types.

Signagelive shares that the 4 types include:

· all details on your media playback

· grouped by media asset

· grouped by media asset then player

· grouped by player then media asset

As you can see, Proof of Play can provide you with the ROI you are looking for. It all starts with an end goal, know exactly what you want your digital signage system to accomplish.

It's important to find an integrator that can provide you with white glove service and a system that meets those goals, and a platform such as Signagelive with Proof of Play.

For your free consultation with Coffman Media, a leading digital signage integrator who works very closely with Signagelive, send an email to sales@coffmanmedia.com.

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