• Nikki Ault

Phillips Is "Making PeopleCount"

That's right, numbers matter in the "new" normal. Limited capacity is the direction we are going as we reopen the world and emerge into public spaces again.

Maintaining safe social distancing is a priority in keeping everyone safe and healthy. Key example being the cover image. This was from a recent visit to Trader Joes, and this was the line to enter as capacity was limited to just 35.

To maintain a safe and healthy distance, it is pertinent to have the ability to manage the capacity of public venues such as retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and cinemas among others. Phillips Professional Displays Solutions has come up with a, you guessed it, solution.

Their solution, PeopleCount. PeopleCount single entrance, and PeopleCount multi-entrance are combinations of sensors, signage, and software that track people entering and leaving a public setting.

That's right, now you don't have to have employee Karen standing at the front entrance with a counter.

The PeopleCount single entrance includes the sensor and signage and delivers real time data straight to one display via a traffic light system. This system ensures proper social distancing and also provides your customers with the information they need upon entering your place of business.

The PeopleCount multi-entrance includes the sensor and signage as well as the software for places that have multiple entry points. This delivers a full digital signage experience to inform and engage your customers at Point of Sale.

These two options, provide you with the confidence to open up your business and provides your customers with a peace of mind knowing you are in compliance with social distancing efforts.

For more information about the Phillips PeopleCount, contact Coffman Media, a leading digital signage integrator creating customized solutions that get your message to your audience. They will provide you with a free consultation to see if PeopleCount is the solution for you.

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