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Making Safety Protocols Easier with SpeedFace

Updated: May 4, 2020

Settling into the "new normal" may look differently to each of us. What will be similar though, is the more frequent use of masks, and extra safety protocols and precautions to ensure germs aren't transferred in public places.

There are certain requirements or suggestions that have been announced within the states to use such as: wearing masks, checking temperatures prior to entering some places, limited visitors or visiting hours, continued hand washing and minimizing touching things.

To be compliant with all of these things, it is putting an exorbitant amount of pressure on and extensive work for employees, management, and more. While it may be the new normal, it is far from convenient or secure.

What if I could tell you there is an easier, faster, more efficient way?

Introducing SpeedFace+

These unique digital displays are touch-less, high performance recognition readers that can detect faces, palms, body temperature and if masks are being worn by registered and non-registered users.

I mean we are talking full on Star Trek mode here, but way cooler.

The SpeedFace+ has a user authentication read range up to 8 feet and the dual-lens IR & VL camera can recognize faces in both total darkness and bright sunlight.

SpeedFace+ comes in two energy-saving models, the SF1008 and the SF1005.

The SF1008 has an 8" programmable touchscreen display and has the capacity to match and store 50,000 Faces (in less than 0.3 seconds) and 5,000 Palms.

The SF1005 has a 5" programmable touchscreen display and has the capacity to match and store 6,000 Faces, 3,000 Palms, and 10,000 Fingerprints.

Features of SpeedFace+

Even though they are touch screens, they have the ability to actually be touch-less. This is by far the biggest benefit when considering the fact that public places such as airports, hospitals, workplaces and public venues need this ability. There is a user authentication read range of 8 feet.

The main features also include face verification while wearing protective masks, as well as body temperature read range accuracy up to 0.6ºF from up to 18"away. This information can be used with various applications including Access Control, Time & Attendance, Visitor Management, Event Management, and more.

With this integration, access control such as lock relay outputs, alarm outputs, auxillary inputs, exit button or door sensors can be used to deny access to those that don't have the appropriate palm or fingerprint recognition, those who are not wearing masks but are required, as well as to those exhibiting unhealthy temperatures.

This creates a much more efficient process that doesn't require the use of your staff being over exposed to everyone entering the space, because they are the ones checking for these things. It can be configured for card readers, number locks, alarms, exit buttons, and smoke detectors as well.

SpeedFace+ has a powerful embedded thermal camera and the latest ZKTeco's algorithms providing accuracy and versatility. It can work in environments ranging from -22ºF to 140ºF. and you can change degrees from ºF to ºC easily.

SpeedFace+ provides advanced security, ease of use, compliance, convenience (especially in the times we face right now), and the comfort of knowing you are providing the safest environment possible for you, your employees, and your customers and visitors.

If you want more information, see a free demo, or have questions about SpeedFace+, Coffman Media is here to help. As a leading digital signage integrator, Coffman Media can help you gain access to this affordable device. Just reach out to sales@coffmanmedia.com.

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