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Live Video Streaming As Digital Signage Content

Digital signage, a form of communicating using dynamic messaging, instead of static messaging, is a powerful tool that can grow your business or organization.

The key term in the introductory sentence that we are going to focus on is, dynamic. Dynamic means moving, or changing. Content, whether found on the internet, through social media, or displayed on digital billboards, seems to be gravitating towards dynamic video.

We are a generation that wants, no, needs; quick, informative, and entertaining content. In fact, 59% of Senior Executives prefer to watch video over reading text when both are available on the same topic. So why not create the same experience for your digital signage audience?

Content is King

What captures the attention of your audience? What impression do you want them to leave with? What do you want them to know about your product or service?

When you are creating content for your digital signage it is important to hit on all aspects that may be attractive to your audience. When it is said that "content is king," that is an accurate statement. The content is what captures your audience and what is instilled in their brains when they leave.

Some of the content that can be included on digital signage is; textual information, graphics, RSS (Real Simple Synchronization) Feeds, social media engagement, and videos.

Video content is increasing on every stream, so much so that 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (return on investment).

Live video streaming is now the newest trend in videos that is soaring, as far as usage and watchability. Digital signage can pull in live video streams as part of the content on display. We have found the 3 most often used options for using live video streams on your digital signage displays.

Live Video Streaming Uses for Digital Signage

Venues/Stadiums - Digital signage is used throughout stadiums and venues in many different areas including concourse signage, VIP and hospitality suites, Jumbo-tron screens, and menu boards.

The worst thing about attending a live event is if you have to get up during the event, usually meaning that you will miss part of that event. The best thing about digital signage within a stadium, is what our partner, Signagelive, shares with us.

Never Miss A Second Of The Game: Modern displays featuring System on Chip (SoC) technology give you the ability to bring in live TV through the HDMI port or through IPTV, so you can bring the game into your menu boards and ensure your fans never miss a second of the game.

This is a great use of content space and gives your customers their full, paid-for, experience. This feature can be used for the game, or one of the other many purposes the stadiums and venues capitalize on, such as concerts or religious events.

Important Messages/Training - When you have multiple locations with digital signage, whether you are a corporation or a quick service restaurant, or a school system, it is important to ensure your audience, or possibly your employees are all on the same page.

And let's face it, those HR emails or memos that arrive from the "Director's Desk" just do not have the same urgency and as the job in front of them.

Holding live training sessions or announcing important company-wide news can be done through the use of video streaming. The CEO may be at the corporate office being videoed, and it can be streamed to all digital signage displays within the network. This creates a more engaging experience for the audience, as well as conveys the message needing sent.

Experiential Streaming - Interactive displays such as touch screens can engage the audience even further because it puts them at the forefront of the knowledge they are seeking. Live video streaming to create an experience takes "interactive displays" one step further.

Disney unleashed a live video stream experience based around Johnny Depp's film, Through The Looking Glass. Check out the video link of the unique experience that Disney never seems to fail at providing of The Mad Hatter going live to park goers!

There are so many new and exciting ways to utilize live video within your digital signage. Video use as part of your marketing strategy can increase brand awareness, further entice customer's to purchase that product or service you offer, and provide a lasting impression on your audience such as The Mad Hatter.

If you are interested in digital signage and are wondering exactly what your Corporate ROI will be, check out our blog https://www.coffmanmedia.com/post/what-is-the-roi-of-corporate-digital-signage

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