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Jumping On The Digital Signage Train As A Reseller

The digital signage industry is full steam ahead right now. It is not just a marketing tool anymore, but a better way to communicate for all industries.

Because of this, it is being used creatively and is appearing in outside-the-box locations. The market size was estimated around $18.5 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $31.71 billion by 2025.

I literally picture the scene from Dumbo with Casey Jr, the locomotive who carries the circus behind, and can hear the song:

Casey Junior's comin' down the track Comin' down the track With a smoky stack Hear him puffin', comin' round the hill Casey's here to thrill Every Jack and Jill Every time his funny little whistle sounds (Toot toot) Everybody hurries to the circus grounds Time for lemonade and Cracker Jacks Casey Junior's back Casey Junior's back

Ok, I digress, but really, the greatest part about the "full steam ahead" digital signage industry is that you can become a reseller. Whatever your line of business, if you are adding digital signage to your portfolio of business, you can't go wrong.

Becoming a reseller of digital signage allows you to enhance your already awesome offerings to your customers, earn new business by cross-selling and up-selling, become a value add to your customers by offering something innovative or what they may have not even imagined was possible.

What is a Digital Signage Reseller?

A reseller is the middleman, in a sense, between the vendor and the client. Your job is to make life easier for the consumer, by acquiring products/solutions instead of them having to go directly through the vendor to do so. You become the SME (subject matter expert) so the end user can focus on their business.

As a digital signage reseller you can offer products and services that drive the digital signage industry. Those products and services include:

Hardware: The physical elements of signage such as displays, media players, mounts, HDMI cables, etc.

Software/Content Management System: The brain behind the signage. It is the system that drives the signage and the content that is created, scheduled, and published onto the display. It's the coal of the digital signage train.

Support: Providing white-glove support services to help with displays after install, software/content, installation scheduling and trouble-shooting, and follow-up support along the tracks.

Now that you know the parts of digital signage, figuring out where you want specialize as a reseller is important. As a reseller, you don't want to overtake the digital signage industry, you just want to be able to focus on something that adds to your own bottom line.

Like a railroad system that can reach any location desired, digital signage has evolved over the years and has been able to infiltrate any industry. The verticals that you can reach as a reseller is up to you, but we recommend you decide on a target market or specialization that makes the most sense to you.

Who Is Buying Digital Signage?

Due to versatility, costs that has decreased immensely over time, and how easy it is to deploy, digital signage can be used by anyone from small business, mom and pop shops to large corporations and venues.

Digital signage appeals to multiple industries as mentioned above.

Some of those include, but are absolutely not limited to:

  • Education

  • Quick Service Restaurants/Food Industry

  • Financial Institutions

  • Transportation

  • Healthcare

  • Sports Venues

  • Corporate Communication

  • Large Venues (hotels, convention centers, entertainment, etc.)

As a reseller, once you decide where you want to hone in, it's time to make nice with the specific vendors offering the goods.

Choosing Digital Signage Vendors

You will want to select vendors who are selling hardware items like displays and media players, software and content management systems, and support services. This is where you want to get picky. Selecting vendors can make your experience as a reseller wonderful or nightmarish.

Here are some things to look for in your vendors:

Notoriety. How well is the vendor known within the industry? What is their reputation? Look at their reviews. Ask questions. Ask the hard questions. Build a relationship with your account manager for that specific vendor.

If this company is known for delays in shipping or backorders, or maybe they exceed expectations and have stellar customer service; they may or may not be the best to work with for what you do as a reseller.

What is their specialization? If they are a media player vendor then that should be their specialty. They may sell other products associated with media players but that should be their meat and potatoes. You want to work with a vendor that knows their products and offerings as if they invented it themselves. They should be a subject matter expert in their field.

However, they should be well versed with partners and have a good relationship with those that go hand in hand with their product. You want to work with vendors that can help out across the board for what you may need as a reseller for your clients.

An example of creative partnerships would be a display company that has a relationship with a content management system they can refer you to or that works well with their product. I promise you, relationships are huge in this business.

How Easy Is It To Use? You definitely want to partner with a vendor that has an easy to use product or service. This is very important especially for a content management system (CMS) for digital signage.

The CMS is where the content magic happens and if it is too difficult to navigate, your client's are going to hate it and you will be busy handling support calls instead of selling more digital signage projects.

How Can I Capitalize As A Reseller?

There are a few different ways you can capitalize on being a reseller besides just selling digital signage.

Create Recurring Revenue Options: Clients are willing to pay for add-ons or services that create value within their projects. Within some content management systems subscriptions can be added for different feeds, widgets, or applications. Those can be paid on a monthly basis.

Content Creation: Another recurring revenue source, but also a great way to capitalize on digital signage, is to offer content creation. A lot of clients want the end result and the return on investment that digital signage gives them but may not have the team to make the content everything it needs to be to reach their audience. They will pay for content to be created for them.

Find Resources For Yourself. There are resources that can save you time and teach you the best way to actually make money with digital signage.

The Digital Signage Element, for example, is a program that mixes part education, part consulting, part sales support, part connections and part distributor, to provide you with what you need as a reseller to add digital signage as a profitable revenue stream.

Becoming a reseller for digital signage shows your clients that you are forward thinking and care about adding value to them. It can be profitable and worthwhile, when done right. Be sure you make the right connections, learn and know your specialities, and be open to options that can help you capitalize on the venture.

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