• Nikki Ault

IAdea's New Desk Booking System Ideal For Flexible Workspaces

There are an estimated 35,000 flexible workspaces in the world today. This number is rising as open, flexible, and co-working spaces continue to evolve. What is also evolving is the self-service side of reserving those spaces.

IAdea, a digital signage media player innovator, has created the new Desk Booking System that is essential to desk-hoteling and hot-desking.

This self-service tool allows users to reserve facility space from a mobile (desk-hoteling), or in person from the space itself (hot-desking).

The sleek, simple design includes a push button, lights, and a PIR sensor. It can be placed on top of a table, under a table, or on a partition. The built in badge reader can be used for checking in and out and for user verification.

The Desk Booking System also includes a built in occupancy sensor. It can detect unverified space users (desk-campers), as well as no-shows and will automatically release the space for users. If you have gotten up it will also detect if you have not returned and will release the space back to users for reserving, which is known as desk-ghosting.

This video will highlight exactly how IAdea's Desk Booking System can be used.

This tool makes reserving a space less of a hassle and adds to a positive environment for your employees. Data can be used by facility managers to create better space utilization, increase budgeting and decrease total cost of ownership.

Coffman Media, an experienced digital signage integrator, can provide you with a free consultation and pricing information to get IAdea's Desk Booking System in your workspace. Contact sales@coffmanmedia.com.

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