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Enhancing Your Corporate Communication Environment

Are you bored at work? Do you delete those "important" policy update emails without even opening them? Are you sitting through meetings daydreaming about your upcoming vacation?

Did you miss the company picnic because you never came across the flyer about it posted on the break room cork board?

Were you to blame for downloading that phishing email you never received warning about from IT? Are you on the production floor and your daily tasks don't allow you to access your desktop computer?

These are just a few examples that disengaged and unproductive employees are experiencing. Shoot, these are things even engaged employees are facing. The internal communication environment, or lack there of, is letting you and your company down.

And guess what? Corporate leaders know it and are struggling with how to fix it.

According to Salesforce, 86 percent of corporate executives, employees, and educators say that ineffective communication is a key reason for workplace failures.

So how can you enhance the corporate communication landscape now to recover from antiquated processes and methods of communicating?

Start with avoiding the "shiny ball syndrome."

You know, that awesome latest and greatest technology that just announced that will improve your employee engagement and productivity by 2000% and will work for anyone and everyone. It's bright and shiny and right in front of you.

Avoid this like the plague until you do your due diligence in understanding if it will work for you specifically.

The world we live in today is all about quick fixes, instant gratification, and finding and following the "trending" items that will make us and our companies better. Finding a communication technology that will work for you is like finding the right "diet" to help you lose that extra 15 pounds you gained over holiday break.

There are things out there that will help you, and can enhance your employee engagement and productivity, but it comes down to you and your internal needs that will help you determine which of those things out there will get you where you want to be.

Playing with the shiny ball creates further distractions sometimes instead of creating solutions.

For example, According to the Radicati Group, the typical business professional sends and receives 122 emails daily. If you go for the latest auto email sending software, to help "improve" communication, you are still sitting among the 122 emails that are sent and received daily. It's still going to be lost and just creates another distraction or notification in their inbox.

So how can you find a solution that might work for you?

Have you taken a look at digital signage?

Digital signage allows the important information, the message you want to convey, to get across to your audience (your employees, staff, executives, visitors, off site locations, etc.) using a consistent, unique, technology-driven approach, and without burdening that audience by overwhelming them with another notification in their inbox or ding on their mobile device.

Implementing a digital signage solution can solve communication issues that have been present for a long time.

Dynamic Signal tells us that 80 percent of employees feel stressed because of ineffective company communication. How do you get started in finding out if digital signage can eliminate this unneeded stress, and strengthen your corporate communication environment?

Look inward first.

Talk with your IT department because you are going to first want to understand your network/connectivity/security challenges for a new "system." Firewalls are a huge consideration if you are trying to connect to a cloud-based software or need to use wifi connections. There may be security measures that need to be taken into account, as well as other rules and regulations.

At the same time, talking with maintenance or your building professionals will alert you to places and access to power connectivity as well as installation obstacles that may arise.

Looking inward also requires you to take a look at the kind of branding you want to maintain for your company throughout the content delivered on your display(s). Company logos, colors, fonts, corporate social responsibility organizations you are linked with, social media campaigns are all things that should remain consistent on all of the pieces of content you utilize. Make sure your marketing and design teams are a part of this process.

As you look inward, you can also identify the communication issues your company has been having and look to what digital signage can do to solve those issues.

What communication issues are you having?

Human Resource updates unseen, policy changes not signed off on, recognition or awards being lost in the shuffle, feedback from employees swept under the rug, social sharing not even attempted, IT warnings of security breaches, unopened emails, key performance indicators being accessible and seen, community events unattended, etc.

The list can go on and on about communication issues within a corporate setting. Use digital signage to solve those problems.

Karen just hit 25 years with the company, share it.

Brad has been promoted to an executive level, share it.

Sharon doubled her quota, share it.

A new product is being launched for your sales team to sell to your consumers, share a video about it.

Have a contest for sharing and liking your instagram page, feature it.

New attendance policy from HR, highlight it.

Company holiday party details, share it.

The latest phishing scam, warn everyone.

Sales team is making 250 calls a day, but the goal is 300, share it (they will step up their game when they realize they are behind). Bonus, give them an incentive for hitting it!

You get the point. Solving your communication issues in a non-invasive, yet obvious way, is a step in the right direction.

A digital signage solution could be an option, and Coffman Media, an experienced integrator with over 30 years combined experience in the industry, offers a needs assessment for free to you, allowing you to peel apart the shiny ball and see if it might just benefit you. Contact sales@coffmanmedia.com for more information.

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