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Digital Wellness Station Delivers A Safe And Positive Greeting

Not too long ago we greeted one another with smiles, hugs, waves, and handshakes. These greetings have quickly turned to emotion hiding, mask wearing, thermometer holding, sanitizer squirting, hellos. Wow, what a difference a pandemic can make.

While safety is the main concern, the problem arises in having staff members stand at the entry, most often times less than the 6ft away to obtain a proper temperature reading from your forehead, and then you touching a sanitizer pump that everyone else has touched as well. Oh and what about the visitor who forgot to bring a mask or would like gloves?

Greetings have gone from warm fuzzy feelings to a stoic approach that takes extra time and requires your staff to administer.

You need a solution that you can be confident will meet the required health and safety protocols, but represent your brand by conveying your message, in a positive, not so stoic way.

That solution is the Digital Wellness Station. This freestanding station reads body temperature, and dispenses hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves for your staff and visitors. It also includes a 22" display that empowers you to deliver the content you want to your audience.

Details, Details, Details

For those who need the run down on what makes the Digital Wellness Station, well, what it is, we've got it covered. Starting from the station itself, then to the top of the station and working our way down, we begin with the construction itself.

The Construction: Standing at just over 6ft tall, and about 14inches wide, the wellness station is constructed of 14 gauge metal and powder coated white. It weighs approximately 80lbs. It is designed for indoor use to greet and evaluate those entering your place of business.

Infrared Temperature Sensor: The sensor is integrated into the station and captures the body temperature of a person standing in front of it. The sensor can read your temperature in .3 seconds and is accurate to + .5 degrees.

This sure beats the awkward, "Let me point this temperature gun at your head as you enter my building" scenario.

Just below the sensor is the 22" display.

22" LG HD Display: This 22" screen is powered by Engage PHD and provides temperature reading results, advertisements, the latest health and safety messages, and other content you desire your audience to see.

It is a high resolution display that is easy to set up. It does not ship integrated, just follow these three steps to install:

  1. Place the display in the designated slot on station.

  2. Connect the Windows media player

  3. Flip the hold in place tabs down for secure installation

The LG display offers a three year warranty as well and our library of FREE COVID-19 digital signage templates.

Just under the display is the infrared touch-free sanitizer solution dispenser.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser: Upon sensing movement by the internal infrared sensor, the internal pump dispenses sanitizer. There is a hidden drip try to catch any solution that doesn't make it onto your hands creating a mess free space.

The Digital Wellness Station is designed to hold one-gallon jugs of liquid gel hand sanitizer solution. There is also space within the station to hold a spare gallon jug for service and maintenance ease.

Side perk of using integrator, Coffman Media, additional sanitizer purchases can be made easy and affordable as they have access to FDA approve, CDC Certified, and USA Produced hand sanitizer in amounts that range from 2oz tubes to 6,300 gallon tanker trucks.

Below the sanitizer dispenser are the mask and glove dispensers.

Mask/Glove Dispenser: There are two universal-size cut outs for boxes of masks and/or gloves to allow quick and easily accessibility to your staff and customers that need it. While several places have mandated masks be worn in public places, it is the convenience of having all safety concerns mitigated within one place, the Digital Wellness Station that gives you peace of mind.

While peace of mind is key, please keep in mind that The Digital Wellness Station is not intended to be used in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. The temperature measurement should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19, or any other disease; Elevated body temperature in the context of use should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods.

The Digital Wellness Station is ideal for public places such as:

  • Grocery Stores

  • Schools

  • Airports

  • Corporations

  • Retail Stores

  • Stadiums

  • Convention Centers

And any other public venue that needs to efficiently and positively handle health and safety concerns. If you would like pricing information, more details, or want to have any questions answered, Coffman Media would love to set up a discovery call with you. Email sales@coffmanmedia.com.

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