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Digital Signage Is A Culture Warrior

What is a culture warrior? And how can digital signage be one? Well according to Wikipedia, it is a person actively involved in protecting or promoting a particular culture or set of values regarded as being under threat.

Well we aren't talking about a person, but a thing, digital signage, that is actively involved in protecting or promoting a particular culture or set of values regarded as being under threat.

What Is Under Threat?

Your company, your workplace, your brand. These are all under threat due to employee disengagement.

Just looking at a few of the surprising statistics below about employee engagement and it is easy to see how this can be considered under threat.

· 51% of the US Workforce is not engaged (Gallup)

· 51% of workers are looking to leave their current jobs (Gallup)

· 47% of US workers don’t know or are unsure of what their employers’ core values are (Eagle Hill Consulting)

When employees are disengaged they are less loyal to the organization or brand, more likely to leave the company, and more likely to call in sick or take days off. Culture can make all the difference for this.

80% of businesses plan to improve their corporate culture (Virgin Pulse). But what are they doing as part of this plan?

The Ultimate Culture Warrior

One of the ways that companies or organizations are combating this threat is with digital signage. Digital signage is not a new technology but is constantly being advanced.

Here are some of the ways that companies can use digital signage as the ultimate culture warrior:

It's always on: Literally, the screens can be on 24/7 if needed, or set to a timer to be on when required. Digital signage does not call in sick, have to leave for a family emergency, and cannot become disengaged. It is always there, ready to take your company and brand to the next level.

It's a progressive technology: Technology makes a big difference in getting your employees engaged in the workplace.

· 85% of employees who feel their company’s technology is ahead of the curve say they love their jobs (Adobe)

· 36% of employees say they would leave for a job with a more "digitally progressive" employer (Sungard)

Digital signage, as mentioned above, is an ever-changing progressive technology.

Gives a sense of value to your employees through recognition: Only 29% of employees feel valued in their jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Recognizing your employees publicly on a digital display screen for accomplishing tasks or meeting sales goals helps them to feel valued, like the work they are doing matters and makes a difference positively for the organization.

75% of employees receiving at least monthly recognition (even if informal) are satisfied with their job (BambooHR). High fives and pats on the back through digital signage can go a long way. 68% of employees who receive accurate and consistent feedback feel fulfilled in their jobs.

Brand awareness: Driving the company should be the mission and values, and your employees should know your brand inside and out. This includes colors, logos, language, etc. Effectively promoting your brand inside your organization is just as important as promoting it outside to your customers.

Training and education: It is important to keep all employees on the same page when it comes to company wide training and education. Sending emails to large organizations is not the most effective way of updating your employees.

Digital signage can be your message spreader as well as your teacher as 58% of Millennials expect employers to provide them with learning opportunities relevant to their job (EdAssist).

Also, it is important to know that all employees know that they are being challenged and prepped for their next step in career advancement. It is not always about the now, but the future.

Data visualization: Display screens are very effective in showcasing (even in real time) key performance indicators. This is great when employees need to see where they stand in relevance to goals or other employees. Find out more about digital signage and data visualization here.

According to HubSpot, 50% of employees say bosses sharing information and data has a significantly positive impact on productivity and motivation. It can give that disengaged worker a kick in the butt to work harder or provide that recognition to high performing workers. 32% of all employees want to see and understand the progress they've made toward goals set by their manager (Ultimate Software).

Emergency alerts and awareness: Alerting your employees in an emergency situation can be very difficult if you are in a large organization, or even with small companies as well. Being able to share alerts through a digital signage system gets the message to everyone, and gets it to them right now.

If you are looking for the ultimate culture warrior to keep your employees engaged and promote your brand or organization, Coffman Media can help. Get a free consultation by clicking this link.

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