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COVID-19 Creates Need For More Information

With the amount of information available in the world, and the almost unlimited way to get it to you, it is almost crazy to think that the need for more is desired.

However, with the unprecedented rise of COVID-19, it seems as though we just can't get enough information.

There is a lot of misinformation circulating and it can be difficult to decipher and it is also constantly changing. It is important that people are getting information that is easily accessible, accurate, and is up to date.

People will be looking for this information on public displays, and what better way to reach a vast amount, than by utilizing a scalable model that merges both displays and dynamic updates from official sources. Our partners at Seenspire have made this an easy possibility. Seenspire offers automated content feeds as a streaming service for digital signage which keeps viewers informed, engaged, and entertained.

What makes them stand out amongst others right now is that they have created free social media feeds. These feeds are compiled of news and updates from trusted sources globally, such as the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control, and local sources as well.

They are providing you access to this free link to add to your digital signage playlist to bring your audience key information regarding COVID-19. Just select the link below that pertains to your country, copy and paste it into your HTML5 supported playlist, and you now have access to the latest updates.

COVID19 - UAE: https://content.seenspire.com/XJ1W-GlVm-JL5L

COVID19 - US: https://content.seenspire.com/eZqd-GaTy-MXZH

COVID19 - UK: https://content.seenspire.com/fh6y-GP0h-px96

COVID19 - CA: https://content.seenspire.com/SPqh-cH0Y-sZHB

COVID19 - AU: https://content.seenspire.com/gFn0-pqL0-0jmE

COVID19 - IT: https://content.seenspire.com/z4rQ-ptxc-Qk3C

COVID19 - DE: https://content.seenspire.com/WMqs-RixS-RhS3

COVID19 - FR: https://content.seenspire.com/5Cwu-M7Up-c9qN

COVID19 - NL: https://content.seenspire.com/Ge2U-EF6S-aPlY

COVID19 - BE (FR): https://content.seenspire.com/PRsA-kyUW-hByC

COVID19 - BE (NL): https://content.seenspire.com/V2Gv-K4Pz-Zxgq

*Disclaimer: not-mobile friendly, but made for digital signage or TV screen display. Here is a preview of how it looks on-screen

This free newsfeed can provide the information your customers, patients, clients, employees, and anyone else that sees them, need now.

As a digital signage integrator, we have customers that utilize many of Seenspire's content feeds such as news, weather, sports, infotainment, social media feeds, and many more.

If you have any questions about Seenspire or about what more they can offer digital signage users, please contact our team at Coffman Media.

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