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Control Your Digital Signage

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program, to bring you...

A remote control that will interrupt your digital signage system with programmed content.

Hold up, wait a minute. My digital signage content can continue to play the content I want it to, along with the content my customers want to see?

Yep. It's a double bonus. Signagelive has enabled for a display to have interactivity without the need for a touchscreen, or any other devices, just the remote control to your Samsung D and E Series Smart Signage Displays.

Set Up & Use

It starts with using the 0-9 functions to program content that will interrupt your current Signagelive session for a set duration of time.

Just hit the number that includes your content you want to "take over" and ready, aim, fire.

After the set duration the display will return to the "regularly scheduled program."

Who Can Use This?

More industries than you think. Retail, Restaurant, Corporate Communication, Healthcare, Stadiums, Education, etc.

Retail: Staff training can take place outside of retail customer hours. Just click your programmed setting on the remote, go through the updated policies or changes from HR, and the display will return to normal after the training duration.

Restaurant: Showing the big game this week? Set the program to do multi-zone layout to display the game from live TV along with drink/food specials, and any other pertinent content.

Corporate Communication: meeting updates, business dashboards, key performance indicators, social media, and even presentations can be programmed to display wanted content for a scheduled amount of time.

Healthcare: Staff training, emergency situations, cafeteria menus or specials, patient safety updates, all can be programmed for healthcare facilities.

Education: Events and athletic events can be promoted during certain specific times of the day, safety information or emergency lockdown policies can be conveyed, and updates from the Dean or President can be provided.

Signagelive walks you through using this feature as part of their free training that is included in your license purchase. Just another benefit of being a Signagelive customer.

Contact Coffman Media, a leading digital signage integrator, using the button below, to find out how to assess your digital signage needs and find out if the new Signagelive feature is right for you.

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