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BrightSign Bundles For The Win

Not too long ago we released a blog identifying the value of using Signagelive's cloud-based software and content management system for the robust digital signage media players, BrightSign.

BrightSign players are known for being reliable, affordable, and easy to use players that are used in the commercial digital signage world. Signagelive is known for a user friendly interface providing enterprise class digital signage software, services, and support. Signagelive has been able to unlock virtually all capabilities of the BrightSign player.

What a stellar combination, right? What if I told you it gets better?

Coffman Media, an experienced digital signage integrator, has created a BrightSign Bundle solution that offers the most powerful media players with the most powerful software platform at one affordable price.

This bundle allows you to create and publish engaging content and apps with ease. It is 100% cloud based, provides over 500 apps, backgrounds, and templates, enterprise security and support, and you can build, deliver, and manage applications.

The bundle price includes the BrightSign Player along with one year of Signagelive software.

The process for ordering:

  1. Contact Coffman Media

  2. Schedule a Discovery and Demo Call

  3. Submit your Order

All new BrightSign players are shipped with Signagelive already provisioned on them. When you receive it, it really is as simple and plug and play.

If you have an existing BrightSign player already, Coffman Media offers you a special Signagelive software only price.

This bundle options is great for the following industries, along with many more:

  • Education

  • Retail

  • Corporations

  • Healthcare

  • Stadiums

  • Restaurants

If you are curious about digital signage and how it can benefit you and your company, you can contact us for a free consultation. For more information about BrightSign bundles, visit us here.

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