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BrightMenu Introduced To Eliminate Shared Menus

Apparently, after COVID-19, my favorite saying to my two daughters has become null and void, sharing is (no longer) caring. It's true to an extent.

We no longer want to share carts at the grocery store, touch key pads to make payments, or even participate in an experience without proper distance and impeccable sanitization.

Connecting the quarantine world as we knew it for approximately 10 weeks, to the "opened up" world is going to take some getting used to. Businesses will have to shift a lot, and as consumers, we are going to have to as well.

This includes the way we understand and conduct ourselves while dining in restaurants.

Dun dun dun (as my six year old would dramatically say)! Guess what though, it's not as scary as it seems because I bet what you will be asked to do, is something you might already be doing anyway. Stick with me here for a second.

Keeping things safe and healthy for restaurant patrons means no longer sharing and looking and touching the same menu that was handed to the table to your left 5 minutes before. It also means restaurant owners should not have to incur ridiculous printing fees on one time use menu prints.

What is the solution? BrightMenu by BrightSign.

Just a quick background, BrightMenu is an offering of BrightSign. They are a global market leader in digital signage media players. BrightSign players are affordable, robust, and reliable and are known for their ease of use by the commercial market worldwide.

It's as easy as Scan QR code, Access Menu.

Using a BrightSign media player, the menu is displayed on a patron's phone through the use of a QR Code. This is an affordable, touchless solution. No more sanitizing plastic menus, no more printing single use paper menus, no more touch screen kiosks, no more sharing germs. This is your safe solution.

The best part, there is no downloaded app or internet connection required to make it work.

It can be set up as easily as a static simple view menu, or can even get your patrons engaging in things such as rewards programs and accessing online coupons.

It is literally that simple. Scan QR Code, Access menu.

Funny enough, according to restaurantdive.com, a recent MGH study found that 77% of diners check restaurant websites before dining there. This comes back to what I was saying earlier that the new process for dining in is probably going to include something you are already doing.

We are all on our phones constantly as it is, and we more than likely already checked the menu before hitting the restaurant anyway (according to the stat above), or will readily have our phone available to scan the QR Code waiting on us now. It is a new way of doing things, but to ensure health and safety (and eliminate those dang printing costs), BrightMenu has made it so simple for your customers.

To find out if BrightMenu is the solution for you, contact Coffman Media, a leading digital signage integrator that helps you inspire, influence, and connect your audience through digital signage.

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