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Another Display Type For Digital Signage Direct View LED

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This could very well be why LED displays, for digital signage, are leading the charge as far as marketing and branding for your company is concerned.

Not only are LED displays being recognized by the average passerby, as 77% agree that digital billboards often catch their attention, but digital billboards are generating a much larger return on investment than any other form of advertising. In fact, BrandScience determined the average return was about $2.80 for every $1 spent.

Large format displays, including direct view LEDs, have come a long way as technology has advanced and as the market continues to grow rapidly. According to MarketsandMarkets, the Large Format Display market, including direct view LED is expected to grow to $14.93 billion by 2023 from $9.1 billion in 2016.

Why LED?

LED Displays are electronic screens that are made up of light emitting diodes (hence the name LED) all placed together on modules (panels) to create your image, video or text as a whole.

This is much like how pixels work on your computer screen. LED lights are energy efficient, effective, and are ultra bright. They also rarely burn out because they don't have a filament.

Viewing distance and reading angles seem to be the important thing to keep in mind when using LEDs. The closer the "pixels" are to one another making up the signage, the clearer and more crisp the images, videos, and texts become, otherwise known as a higher resolution.

LEDs especially come in handy for video walls as they are seamless and do not get washed out by ambient light. The size of your signage is customizable with LEDs and can be used indoors and outdoors. Content for LEDs can be controlled remotely which makes it very convenient to update and change using a content management system such as Signagelive.

Why LG?

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions serves commercial display customers in the U.S. digital signage market. Based in Lincolnshire, Ill., with its dedicated engineering and customer support team, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions delivers business-to-business technology solutions tailored to the particular needs of business environments.

LG provides access to some of the most advanced and flexible commercial display and accessories in the market, including their Direct View LED displays.

LG's Direct View LED Indoor & Outdoor Displays

What is direct view LED? It just means that no liquid crystal (LCD) or polarized glass is used. Each "pixel" or tiny lightbulb produces a particular color from it's cluster of red, green and blue bulbs on the panel, which creates the image needed to be displayed. Direct view has no bezels and can make a seamless video wall. They also boast energy efficiency (as mentioned above), reliability, and the best color accuracy you can find.

We are going to take a look at LG's Direct View Indoor & Outdoor LED displays and highlight the features of each.

LG LED LAS Series: This versatile model is ideal for indoor signage. There are three levels of LAS models: Fine-Pitch, Standard, and High Brightness. They boast easy maintenance and excellent image quality. Key features of each model include:

· Fine Pitch Model - Compact 19.5” (400mm x 300m) LED unit case for any video wall size or configuration, including concave curved installations - 16:9 aspect ratio design optimized for Full HD content - Crisp, high contrast image with wide viewing angle - Fanless design for low-noise environment.

· Standard Model - Front service design for convenient service (rear optional) - No noisy active fan required - Durable quality providing 24x7 operation

· High Brightness Model - High 2,000 nit brightness for large space indoor application - 16 bit color processing for natural color representation. - Front service design (rear optional)

Uses for the LG LED LAS Series include: Convention Centers, Airports, Indoor Sports Arenas, Government Buildings, Hospitals, Retail/Mall Spaces, Large Corporations, Hotels, and Casinos.

LG LED LBS Series: These models were designed to provide robust quality and leading performance in any outdoor venue. They have three key features:

· Outstanding Image Quality - Eye pleasing super natural color representation - Clean-cut color and brightness uniformity - 16 bit color processing

· Easy Installation & Service - Large unit case size for quick & easy installation (LBS160VA1, 200VA1) - Unit case is designed to accommodate clean cable connection - Automatic LED module calibration after replacement - IP65 (front) for robust weatherproof

· Various Forms for Optimal Application - SMD models: Various outdoor arenas - Oval models: Outdoor arenas requiring very high brightness - Virtual Oval models: For high brightness & cost efficiency - Ribbon (Fascia) models: Sports arenas - Perimeter models: Sports arenas

Uses for the LG LED LBS Series include: Stadiums, Horse Racecourses, Corporations, Digital Advertising, Outside Large Finance Buildings, and Art/History Centers.

LG LED LBP Series: These are the premium outdoor displays that deliver vibrant quality using top LED chips. All are custom built to ensure customer need and satisfaction. The three key features are:

· Premium Display - LED modules are built with carefully selected top-class LED chips for rich and vibrant images. - Super bright screen (8,000 nit) -SMD Type - Wide Viewing Angle for outdoor display

· Secure Design - Dual LED controller configuration for seamless fail-over - Bidirectional signal input to the screen for secure signal transfer - Safe power design (extra LED module power capacity)

· Custom Design for Utmost Satisfaction - Designed based on customer needs and installation environment

Uses for the LG LED LBP Series include: Uniquely Designed Stadiums, Corporate Offices wanting to "stand out," Brand specific needs, and "Las Vegas" style business districts.

With the Direct View displays that LG has to offer, Coffman Media, a digital signage solutions integrator, has decided to partner with them for an upcoming project. More details will be released as we approach the launch date.

If you have questions about your own possible direct view display opportunities, Coffman Media offers a free consultation to assess your wants and needs.

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