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AdMobilize Google Analytics For The Physical World

As a business owner you have to be the eyes, the ears, and the mind behind your business.

Sometimes this can take a toll in one area or another because, let's face it, you aren't a superhero.

However, if you are able to figure out what signage pieces customers are looking at, which products customers are picking up or dwelling on, how long they are spending checking out the goods or advertisements, and what demographic tends to check out which products or signage...well this would be icing on the cake for any business owner.

We can be your physical world analytics.

What Is AdMobilize?

Simply said, AdMoblize is Google Analytics for the physical world. Using a combination of complex tracking and detection algorithms, AdMobilize will maintain a person's "session" across the screen.

What does this mean?

AdMobilize has this technology called the Analytics Platform which will track physical world performance in real time.

Using exisiting IP/Security cameras, or by installing AdBeacon Cameras, the Analytics Platform tracks people, crowds, vehicles, and other objects live, (with Web Hooks) and provides you with the results in real time with the AdDashboard.

Admobilize is the fly, which has now become your eyes and ears to be able to answer all the questions you could possibly need.

Let's break it down a little further...

What Is The AdBeacon Camera?

It is the world's first water resistant "plug and measure" hardware and analytics platform. This means a quick and easy installation and setup process. With a 5 megapixel max resolution and video support for 1080p, 720p, and 480p, it contains WiFi, Bluetooth for pairing, and a cone of vision of 53 degree horizontal field of view and 40 degree vertical field of view.

Additional options include 3G, Geolocation, and iBeacon. The dimensions of the AdBeacon Camera are 4.75" x 2.5" x 1". It collects the information anonymously.

Once the camera is connected, it begins collecting and sending data in real time. Data such as People Count, Views, Dwell Time, Attention Time, Gender, Age Range, Emotion, Gaze Rate, Peak Times and Detection distance can all be measured by AdBeacon.

A little bit bigger than a fly, but much more powerful.

So, where does all of that data go?

What Is The AdDashboard & AdRemote?

All of that data goes to your AdDashboard of course. The AdDashboard is where all of the analytics show up. This is the juicy stuff you've been wanting to find out. Log into your computer, because your AdDashboard is available to you all of the time.

You can view the metrics and share them as much as possible. Data can even be exported into a CSV/Excel file using filters provided.

More of an App person? That's what AdRemote is for. Make your dashboard appear on your mobile device by downloading the AdRemote App for Android or iOS.

All this talk of data and mentioning it above, what does it really mean?

Dwell Time: the average interval of time when a viewer is in close proximity to an AdBeacon.

View: a face detected viewing the camera within +/- 5 degrees.

Impression: a "face detected"

Attention Time: the average attention span of a viewer

Face and Crowd Analytics: provide anonymous, highly detailed information such as demographics

Which Key Industries Can Benefit?

Obviously there are circumstances and needs that this solution can fulfill for any industry, but there are some very literal and effective uses of AdMobilize.

Retail: You can track customer engagement, optimize store traffic flow, and view that store activity from anywhere with your dashboard.

Live Events: Gather data on the spot, export reports, and track events in real time.

Small Business: you can set up easily, understand store traffic flow and locate popular zones, and track engagement in real time.

Trade Shows: locate popular zones, track events in real time without extra equipment, and receive real time analytics

A/B Testing: Easily test customer response to product and advertising placement, quickly create and conduct customer experimen, absolutely no monthly commitment required.

If you want to be that fly on the wall, let AdMobilize do the dirty work for you. They have the ease, the equipment, and the metrics to fulfill what you are looking for and more. Analyzing your customers will provide you with great insight and this could become your best marketing toolmoving forward.

Coffman Media, top digital signage integrator, offers AdMobilize as one of many solutions to your digital signage needs. Whether you want to be that fly on the wall, or just figure out which product is doing the best for you, Coffman Media and AdMobilize can help.

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