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A Look At Signagelive and Signagelive Resellers

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Digital Signage solutions often encompass the typical Content Management System, or CMS.

This system of creating, updating, managing, and scheduling content such as pictures, videos, and web pages on a digital media player to create a digital signage solution can be expensive, difficult to use, contain “hidden” costs, require specific hardware, and lack in support once installed.

Signagelive has created a platform that offers digital signage as a service. They partner with over 440 resellers globally to provide software, servers, and support.

They use cloud-based software allowing you to manage any digital signage device, from PCs to SmartTV displays, from your Internet browser. In short, all you need is a display, media player, and Internet access and you are ready to use Signagelive.

Features of Signagelive

The digital signage world is not short of technology advances; however, Signagelive has a plethora of features that make them unique.

1. Upload Media – Once you are logged into your Signagelive network, you can upload all the images, videos, URL links, and media that you need to create your signage content and it is immediately ready to use.

2. Add News, Sports, Weather – Signagelive has partnered with Screenfeed to provide over 75 media feeds, ranging from news to sports to weather, even localized information. 3. Edit Images with Aviary – Use images you upload or pull images from external media sources and utilize over 20 editing tools to edit those images through Signagelive's integration with Aviary. 4. Turn Media Into Playlists - Using the drag-and-drop method, you can place all of the media you uploaded into the order you wish them to be played on your digital screens. 5. Create Layouts – Using a wide selection of design tools, you can create multizone layouts, custom layout resolutions, and schedulable zones using your own branding. 6. Simple, Powerful Scheduling – The scheduling features include default playlists, the ability to schedule media at any start time, and conditional playback. 7. Mega HD Video Walls – Signagelive is capable of creating monstrous video walls by synchronizing 250 x 1080p resolution players on a local network. 8. Data Integration – Signagelive can integrate your data with HD templates to allow for updated content on your screens. 9. Publish Media to Screen – You can utilize playlists or layouts that you want to display and publish them on your Signagelive network. 10. Monitoring and Reporting – You can monitor all registered devices at any time and can extract information to report back to you to fully understand how your content is working for you.

11. Central and Local Central – You have the ability to give different levels of power back to local users on certain devices.

12. Free Support and Updates – Any and all Signagelive feature updates, software updates, and support is provided at no extra cost. 13. Unrivalled Hardware Support – Signagelive supports more hardware digital signage devices than any other software out there.

How Does Signagelive’s Pricing Work?

When you purchase a Signagelive license you can do it for a term of 1-5 years per connected device or player. The license includes (as mentioned above) free support, free updates, unlimited online storage, 10GB data download, and unlimited users.

Signagelive works solely with Signagelive Certified Resellers who help integrate your hardware (if you have it already) with their created software, for your digital signage needs.

The Signagelive Reseller provides you with the ability to purchase just the Signagelive software, all the way through to a complete solution including hardware, installation, maintenance, and managed services.

Weighing your digital signage options and want some expert guidance? Schedule a consultation!

Signagelive Resellers: An Interview

After researching Signagelive, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jason Ault, our Chief Operating Officer, to find out more from him on Coffman Media’s partnership with Signagelive as a Reseller.

Jason and the Coffman Media Management Team have over 30 years of combined experience in the digital signage world. Coffman Media and Signagelive have been partners for over six years now.

Here is what Mr. Ault had to say in regards to that partnership:

Nikki: Jason, give us a little background on the Coffman Media partnership search?

Jason: When we set out to start Coffman Media, there were two paths we could have taken. The first involved building our own software, just like the over 300 other companies who had chosen that path. The second option was to become a turnkey integrator, and partner with the best of the best.

So we set out on option number 2, and so began a long and grueling research project. We were now not going to be one of the over 300 software companies, but we had to research them to be able to partner with one, a good one. After looking deeply into hundreds of options, we decided to start out with Signagelive.

Nikki: What about Signagelive stuck out to Coffman Media at first glance?

Jason: There were actually a few things that stuck out. They were already operating a cloud-based environment, they brought the best tools, they had unprecedented functionality, and they supported the most technologies, or hardware, on the planet.

I was also impressed with their Founder and CEO, Jason Cremins. His visionary ideas and fearless attempts at taking risks have turned him into a trendsetter for the industry.

Nikki: Now that you have partnered with them for quite some time now, what characteristics do they exhibit that make them unique or different from their competition?

Jason: They have 5 characteristics that stand out.

· First, they are 100% cloud. They are open-source, cutting-edge, and use HTML5 technology.

· Second, they use Smart technology first.

· Third, they have transparent pricing.

· Fourth, they offer free storage, unlimited users, and free updates.

· And last, they are 100% channel. This means they rely on partners and integrators like us to sell their products. They will never sell direct to the client.

Nikki: What about Signagelive keeps you loyal?

Jason: They innovate, manage, and support. Their content management system roadmap for 2016 continues to be innovative so that they can remain a leader in the market. They are ranked 4th out of the over 300 companies out there, that says something.

Nikki: What is Coffman Media’s Common Goal and how does Signagelive play into that?

Jason: Coffman Media’s Common Goal is to bring the best technology and customer service in the marketplace to our clients regardless of industry because they have one goal, to get their message across to their target audience and we have to ensure that is successful.

Signagelive is best-of-breed technology married with our best-of-breed customer service, so it only seems appropriate to partner with them as one of their certified resellers. As an integrator, Coffman Media provides fully-customizable digital signage solutions that meet your needs. Here are five reasons why you may want to partner with us.

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