• Nikki Ault

8 Tips For Creating Compelling Calls to Action

Upon implementation of your digital signage system, the content creation process will begin.

Not only will you create really cool, eye catching content to entice your audience, you may also want to persuade them to actually DO something.

A call to action is just that, something that encourages someone to take action. A digital signage call to action might be to get someone to post something, buy something, read something, share something, download something, etc. You get the point.

When you are creating these calls to action, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Be Clear. The font, colors, and message should be easy to see, read, and follow. The use of bold fonts and colors for a call to action make it very decipherable amongst other content.

Be Specific. Don't skirt around what you want your audience to do, be unambiguous. The simpler the action, the more likely someone will take it. If they have to take too many steps or the process is confusing, it's not happening.

Make it Audience Appropriate. Know your audience and have a basic understanding for what they would be willing to do for you.

For example, the parents waiting in the lobby at a pediatrician's office are probably not going to take the action of sharing a social post of yours that includes a new geriatric medicine.

Use Action Words. That's right, break out those verbs and tempt them to move on what you want them to do. Words like find, click, share, join, apply, act, hit, etc. are all words that are specific to taking action.

Be Persuasive. Knowing your audience will be very helpful with creating compelling content that makes them actually want to do something. Unique language, giving them something in return, and recognition are all ways to appeal to someone.

Make it Measurable. Be sure your call to action is measurable so that you can actually track your return on investment as well as make changes if and when necessary.

If your call to action is to obtain followers on your Instagram, and you aren't adding followers regularly, then your call to action could need some help.

Create Urgency. When people feel limited on time or that they will miss out on something if they don't take action right now, they may be more likely to take action now. Create a sense of urgency with what you want done. Put a timeline on your ask. Offer rewards for participating by specific dates.

Offer Perks. As mentioned above, use a reward system or provide some kind of benefit or perk for participating. Feeling as though they will get something out of it too sometimes can push a person into taking that action. A perk can also be a shoutout or recognition for others to notice.

Digital signage should not just be something you want people to see. It should invoke emotion, provide useful information, or make someone want to take action.

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