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25 Ways To Use Digital Signage In Your Workplace

From small businesses to substantial enterprises, using digital signage as a key communication tool is becoming more and more prevalent. It is the modern way of engaging employees, visitors, and is becoming the catalyst for impacting lines of communication.

It sure beats flooded email boxes and the boss having to share every update in a meeting about meetings.

In what ways though can digital signage be used? We wanted to share with you 25 ways in which you can use digital signage in your workplace, no matter what type of company you have.

HR Updates.

Is there a new policy, update to the employee manual, a change in procedures? Make those updates clear to employees by posting them to your digital signage screens.

Replace Unopened and Unread Emails.

We spend an endless amount of our day avoiding unwanted and unimportant emails, hoping to only get to the ones that are actually pertinent. Trying to clear our inboxes is sometimes a chore and often we miss items that were important. Instead, use digital signage to get those important messages to everyone and get their attention using visual graphics, videos, or exciting interactive prompts.

Conference Room Presentations.

You can utilize a generic playlist for running content during the day and be able to also interrupt that playlist for a specific presentation if a conference room is booked for use. Live streams, video conferencing, and visual presentations can all be utilized with digital signage.

Integrate Calendars for Room Availability.

Some softwares allow you to integrate your own calendars for syncing with multiple conference rooms within your building and within your company to be able to book rooms either directly through the software or through an interactive sign outside of each room. Some even integrate with your mobile apps to make it even easier to schedule.

Employee Training.

Have updated training and not enough manpower or hours to conduct that training for smaller groups of employees at a time? Or maybe you have a video training to get into the hands of all employees but it can be run at different times throughout the day on different screens enabling all employees to catch it at one time or another. Digital signage allows you to provide training as you see fit.

Corporate Branding.

Put your logo or branded background so that it shows up on all the layouts of your screen. Let your company colors stand out and keep it consistent across all screens and locations if you have multiple.

Multi-zone Layouts.

When you are creating your display content, some Content Management Systems (CMS) will allow you to utilize multi-zone layouts. This allows you to pull in different feeds, display different types of content and use multiple content apps all at one time on the screen.


Happy hours, section or whole company parties, local community gatherings, team outings, all-hands meetings, friendly competitions, fundraisers, etc. If you have an event you can post about it on your digital signage.

Special Guests/Visitors Welcome.

You can greet visitors and special guests with your digital displays. Welcome them, give a quick biography on them if you want your employees to know more about who they are, highlight their title or why they are there. Let your employees feel as if they are part of the "welcoming" committee.

Build Culture.

Communicating, keeping your employees in the loop, sharing personal achievements as much as you share business ones, inspiring and motivating, sharing information your employees care about, creating kinship, all of these things help build the culture you want within your company.


Post quotes, videos, industry specific "wins," personal stories of achievement, anything you can think of to inspire and motivate your staff on your displays. They are an easy incorporation into your content playlists.

Employee Spotlights.

Birthdays, new hires, special recognition for achievements, goals met, anniversaries, weddings, babies, and the list goes on. Spotlighting employees is an easy and fun way to create some content amongst the business stuff to help build culture and make individuals feel important and recognized.

Social Media.

Hashtag campaigns, customer and vendor testimonials, contests, product shares, photos, videos, and more can be shared from your social media feeds onto your digital screens. Let social media help keep your employees excited about your company and understanding how others feel about your products and services.

Marketing Initiatives.

Social media campaigns, sales, discounts, special offers, marketing contests or campaigns. All of these things can be uniquely displayed and shared with your employees and staff.

Community Involvement.

How many ways do you get involved in community initiatives? Whether it be charity events, softball tournaments, local community service projects, and ways of giving monetarily. However you are involved, make sure your employees know about it so that they also feel they are contributing to a bigger purpose than just the growth of your company.


Interactive kiosks for check-in, directories to find those you are visiting or need to meet with, directional purposes to find your way through the building, alerting employees that may have visitors or guests in the building, identifying food ingredients and allergens above food buffets in the cafeteria. There are so many uses for touchscreen displays, the possibilities are endless and are at the brink of your imagination.


As mentioned just above, you can help create directories of all your employees, where they are located, phone numbers and emails for them to reach them. As well, you can figure out where conference and meeting rooms are as well as primary locations like the cafeteria, resource rooms, HR department, or Executive level staff.

Live Streaming Interruption.

You can interrupt current playlists with live streaming content as you see necessary. You can interrupt the whole display for full screen streaming or you can utilize content layouts with multiple zones and only interrupt the area of the screen you wish.

Internal Messaging.

Many companies use internal messaging apps such as Slack to communicate with all or specific groups of people. What's interesting is that digital signage allows you to create content from those messages and you can pick and choose what content you'd like to use from them.

KPIs for Performance and Goals.

Key performance indicators are usually tracked through spreadsheets, Google Analytics, etc. If you are looking to highlight specific KPIs to showcase how well or how poorly the company goals are being met, digital signage allows this. You can help improve and track daily performance levels and ensure quotas are being reached by individual employees or groups of people.

Company Growth.

As you add employees, increase locations, build on to current buildings, hit sales goals, introduce new products and services, and make adjustments to your growing business, these can all be used to create content to share with your employees. Helping them to feel a part of all that is going on, even if it doesn't directly involve them or their department can restore feeling part of a whole.

Live TV.

Want to throw up that March Madness game during lunch, or pull in that unexpected Presidential speech on the local news channel? Digital signage allows you to switch between scheduled playlists and Live TV. Multi-zone options even allow you to maintain certain zones of your playlist content to continue to play while the Live TV area switches to just that.

RSS Feeds.

Looking for news feeds to run like a ticker across the screen so all of your employees are up to date with current events and local news stories? You can run these along with other content using digital signage.

Audience Measurement.

Some apps and CMS platforms allow capturing the types of audience watching your content. You can get as specific of information as you want such as gender and age, also get specific times that they are watching the content, and even dwell time, or the amount of time they spend watching.

Emergency Messaging, Mass Notification

For safety and emergency situations, you can arrange specific messaging to appear to notify people of the emergency at hand, and also guide people to safety. You can display emergency route information, bad weather detours, and update as it unfolds in real time.


Be sure that you choose a software or CMS that is scalable like your business. You may want the capability of adding multiple users, or even add displays across multiple locations. Digital signage gives you a great starting place for small projects but allows you to scale as your business and needs for digital signage do as well.

These are just a quick 25 things you can do with digital signage in the corporate world.

There are so many other opportunities, so if you have an idea, connect with a digital signage integrator, like Coffman Media, who can be the subject matter expert in helping you bring your ideas to life.

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