Damaged Product Replacement Process

COFFMAN MEDIA, LLC Damaged Product Replacement Policy

  • Products arriving with any substantial visible box / container / skid damage should be refused.

  • If accepting a damaged shipment (with any amount of damage to the box / container / skid), write “damaged unit” on the Proof of Delivery with the freight / delivery company and notify Coffman Media within 5 business days if the present box damage has cause any product damage.

  • Within 5 business days of receiving product, test to ensure no invisible damage is present 

  • Please inspect hardware and report all damages within 7-days of delivery.

    • Please include photos of:

      • All sides of box/boxes/skids

      • Serial Number device(s)

      • Model tag of the device(s)

      • All sides of the hardware component(s) and visible damage

Submit report / claim to customerservice@coffmanmedia.com and your Coffman Media Strategic Account Manager as well.